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Agin Bridge
Agin Bridge

📩 07/05/2022 02:47

The last stage of the construction of the 520 meter-long bridge in the district of Elazığ has been reached.

The construction of Ağın Bridge, whose project was completed and started in order to shorten the loss of time in transportation and to ease transportation, has reached the final stage in the construction of the Ağın Bridge, where those going from Elazığ to Ağın district pass over the dam with their vehicles via ferries due to the Keban Dam. The Mayor of Ağın, Yılmaz Serttaş, said that the last piece of the bridge that will connect the two sides of the bridge will be made in early June. Serttaş said, “As the municipality, we are mobilizing all our resources to complete the bridge construction in a short time. In addition, we provided construction equipment and worker support. After the construction of the last piece, all that remains is the fine workmanship and the construction of the connecting roads of the bridge. When the bridge is finished, those using the highway will be able to cross the dam more comfortably and without wasting time.”

It was learned that the last piece of the bridge will be placed in the next month and it is planned to be fully operational in August.

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