The rail system for the house on the slope made

He built a rail system for the house on the slope: Rasim Fidan (66), who had trouble getting off the track in Zonguldak's hillside house, solved the transportation problem by his own rail system.

Although it is a security problem, it can easily reach home thanks to the rail system it uses by using the crane it uses to carry the construction materials.

In the town of Kozlu, about 4 years ago, Fidan's family moved to the steep grounds he inherited from his father and used the path for transportation at the beginning. When the family members had difficulties in going home, Fidan set up a rail system by utilizing the crane he used to carry construction materials.

The problem of transportation of the family was solved by the system where the wagon was placed on the 66 meter rail that Fidan made from the profile pipes.

- için No guests coming because it is not safe -

Rasim Fidan, AA correspondent, said they had experienced the distress of their own way to go home, though temporarily resolved, he said.

Explaining that the system cost 7 thousand pounds Fidan, yama We climb up and down the steep slope of the crane pulled by the crane. We don't have safety, but we have to. I have a heart condition, I can't climb the slope. We can also carry coal, tube and kitchen utensils with the wagon that one person can ride. Tek

Saplings, the system surprised those who saw it, even though it carries the coal removed from the slope, even if you think that.

Fidan's wife, Meliha Fidan (52), the system is not safe, 10-year-old daughters also used to go to and from school while stating that, using the ropes to keep the wagons breaking, he said.

Security concerns due to the neighbors also visit Fidan, about the stairs asked to be made in front of their houses.

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