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Konak Tunnels will save its cost in 10 years: Countdown has started in Konak Tunnels that will breathe Izmir traffic. The tunnel, which will be used by 40 thousand vehicles per day, will save Izmir residents more than 30 million lira per year and will increase its cost in 10 years.
Konak Tunnels, which will greatly ease the traffic in İzmir, will be opened this week. Abdülkadir Uraloğlu, 2015nd Regional Director of Highways, who left his job due to the 2 General Elections, said that the Konak Tunnel, which will be used by 30-40 thousand cars a day, will save İzmir residents more than 30 million a year. Thanks to the entrance and exit of the Konak Tunnel among the 35 projects promised for İzmir, a new crossing route will be provided all over the city. The distance between Konak and Yeşildere will be reduced to 5 minutes. Bornova, Buca, Gaziemir, by using İzmir's coastline from the West, KarşıyakaThose who want to go to Çiğli, Kemalpaşa and Manisa will be able to pass through Yeşildere without entering the city center.
The tunnel, which will start from Yeşildere, will surface between Konak Maternity Hospital and İzmir Archeology Museum. The vehicles coming out of the tunnel will be connected to Mustafa Kemal Beach Road using the existing upper bridge in Konak. The tunnel, which is calculated to be used by nearly 40 thousand vehicles per day, will enable İzmir residents to save more than 30 million lira of fuel per year. Abdülkadir Uraloğlu, 2nd Regional Director of Highways, said that the tunnel, which cost 310 million, will cost in 10 years.
Finishing touches
Abdülkadir Uraloğlu, the 2nd Regional Manager who left his job due to the elections, explained the details of the project as follows: “As of 20 May, all connection roads will be completed with all kinds of markings. At the moment, the final stage of electro mechanical works has reached the tunnel. ”
Stating that with the opening of the Konak Tunnel, the solution of the pedestrian traffic to be experienced in front of YKM is planned by the Highways, Uraloğlu said, “We have prepared a special overpass project for the people of Izmir. When the project is about to be completed, when it is approved, it will be manufactured immediately and will be completed by the end of the year. It is said that there will be a congestion in front of YKM Konak due to this project, but it may only be due to pedestrian traffic in the first place. This problem disappears when the overpass ends. ”
'We will solve the traffic jam problem'
Süleyman Kutay, Deputy Chief of Police Responsible for Traffic in İzmir Police Department, said, “The vehicle load of Çankaya, which is the most traffic intensive area, will also decrease thanks to the tunnel. The vehicles coming out of the tunnel will be connected to the Mustafa Kemal Beach road using the existing upper bridge in Konak. However, this region is said to be compressed. As the Supervision Branch Directorate, we will take all kinds of measures in the region. Our teams will take the necessary precautions for the problems that the citizen will encounter in the first place there. ”

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