3. 2 to the Asian side of the bridge. steel deck

  1. 2 to the Asian side of the bridge. Steel Deck: 3's Third Bridge and North Marmara Motorway Project will be placed on the Asian side of the 2'nin started the work of the tray.
    The 2 's deck was lifted with the aid of a giant crane with an 4 hourly operation and was viewed by UAV cameras. 3 implemented by ICA. The Bosphorus Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway Project took another big step. After the completion of the bridge towers to which the ropes were to be connected, a significant progress was made in the process of placing the two-way 8 lane highway and 2 lane railways.
    In this context, after the 940 tonne heavy steel deck placed on the Asian side of the bridge, 2. the steel deck was lifted to combine after the 4 hourly operation with the help of a giant crane. It was learned that 59 was one of the steel decks placed on European and Asian sides and hair from South Korea was turned into steel decks in Yalova Altınova following the operations in İzmit Gebze and İstanbul Tuzla. 2 to be placed on the Asian side. It was learned that the basin was brought to the construction site by the sea and then landed by a giant floating crane with a capacity of one thousand 800 tons. The steel deck, which was landed, was lifted in the day hours after working around 4 hours during the day hours.

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