28 Tram Is Abandoned to Decay in Gaziantep

tramway gaziantep
tramway gaziantep

28 Trams Abandoned to Decay in Gaziantep: 2012 trams bought by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality from Germany and France in 28 are kept in the warehouse area. Annual loss of 5 million pounds!

2012 trams bought by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality from Germany and France in 5 for 7 million to 28 million Euros were left to decay in idle state. Trams that are bought in order to ease the traffic load of Gaziantep are currently kept open in the Metropolitan Municipality Rail Systems Warehouse area. The condemnation of national wealth to decay draws a great reaction. The old trams, whose use was discontinued with the introduction of new generation wagons in 2012 in Rouen, France, were brought to Gaziantep by step.


CHP Gaziantep Provincial Chairman Muhittin Sait Köse is just one of those who reacted to the scrap trams being brought to Gaziantep and left to rot for 3 years. Köse, who described not using the trams as a loss of national wealth, said, “The 1972 model trams, whose factory was closed in Germany, were brought to Gaziantep. Scrap trams from Germany and France are now a nuisance to us. I do not find it right to leave the national wealth to rot. We all know the problems created by the existing trams already in use. They bought the 1972 model trams, couldn't run them and left them to rot. Can't our country make wagons? Is our country incapable of using this technology? power kazanOn the day we do, we will expose all the irregularities they have done and hold them accountable.” said.


Emphasizing that the traffic problem of Gaziantep is a problem in itself, MHP Gaziantep Provincial President Muhittin Taşdoğan pointed out that the wagons kept in the warehouse were bought with the money of the nation. Taşdoğan said, “There, wagons kept in the warehouse are national wealth. Using these trams, the city's traffic problem should at least relax. The trams have been held idle since 2012 due to in-party conflicts. Trams were not taken in the period of another party, they have been in power for 10 years. Their names have changed, but the mentality is the same. While the trams are so crowded, it is wrong to have those trams lying there. ” in his words, he criticized the AK Party municipal officials.


Stating that Gaziantep is one of the most important problems of the city, Gaziantep Chamber of Architects Bekir Sıtkı Severoğlu noted that although the municipality has a Transport Master Plan (UAP), the practices carried out against the plan have increased the transportation problem. Suggesting that the tram brought to solve the problem caused more problems, Severoğlu shared the following information: “A tram has a capacity of 170 passengers, including those on the feet. It can reach 224 people when boarded very tightly. However, municipal data shows 242 people. The tram project will not be able to carry the passenger capacity that will increase in this state. While 1 million 87 thousand liras loss every month, 672 thousand pounds income. In other words, when we think annually, our loss reaches 5 million lira. ”


After Asım Güzelbey handed over his seat to Fatma Şahin after the March 30 local elections, an alleged irregularity of about 2.5 million Euros was brought to the agenda. In the statement he made on the news under the name of irregularity of 2.5 million Euros, Güzelbey pointed out that the main addressee of the matter was the former Deputy Secretary General of Metropolitan Settar Çanlıoğlu: “I just took my hat from the municipality. I did not receive a single paperwork. Everything is in your hands. I could not understand why they are not being applied to the prosecutor's office for 2,5 million, which they claim evaporated, but they are being used in these ways. Before leaving the municipality, I audited and recorded both internal auditors and external auditors. Despite all this, if there is a mistake, let the person responsible. The answer to the question about the purchase of tram that I cannot understand is that Settar Çanlıoglu should give me before me. Because he went to Rouan with me as a technical member. I attended only the first part of the meeting in Rouan. Çanlıoğlu conducted one-on-one meetings with the company. ”

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which did not provide information on the prices of trams on the subject, made the following statement: “28 1994 models of ALSTOM TFS trams came to our city in March 2014 from France. During the arrival, the parts of the trams that were removed due to transportation were assembled and their controls were completed in July. In October-November 2014, domestic and international meetings were held with companies for air conditioning systems of trams, passenger information system and brake maintenance. Training of our personnel on the maintenance and driving of trams has been completed until January 2015. In our workshop, cleaning and other maintenance of trams continue with our own means. ”

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