Kayseri raises its rail system capacity to 2

Kayseri raises the capacity of the rail system to 2: The number of vehicles on the Kayseri tram line will go to 30 after the new vehicle arrives at the end of the year. Thus, the passenger carrying capacity of 68 thousand people will rise to a thousand people 90.

The 4th and 5th stage project implementation of the Kayseri rail system (tram) will begin in 2016. With the commissioning of two new lines, the daily carrying capacity of the city will double and reach 180 thousand. According to the information given, with the opening of the İldem line in the 2nd stage of the project and the Talas lines covering the 3rd stage, the daily carrying capacity increased from 70 thousand to 90 thousand. The increase in demand brought the Talas -Anayurt and Belsin-Nuh Naci Yazgan Foundation University lines, which constitute the 4th and 5th stages of the project, to the mandatory implementation phase.

According to the information given, 5 approached 100 thousands of passengers per day in the rail system opened for operation. With the new lines to be added, the number of passengers will increase and the route will be extended. Mayor Mustafa Çelik stated that the carrying capacity of 200 is expected to be increased up to a few years. and 17.5. projects covering the stage had to be implemented. As a matter of fact, the foundation of the new 2 kilometer which extends from the Mimarsinan Junction to the Ildem at the end of 3; Then, starting from Sivas Street, another line of 2011, which extends from Erciyes University to Talas District, was put into operation. Thus, both the city's traffic order and the urban public transport services were considerably relieved. While planning the project, the daily carrying capacity was estimated as an average of 9.5 thousand people. However, the carrying capacity of the existing lines is over 7 thousand in two years. Of course, increased the number of vehicles placed in the next time increased the number of 70'dan 90'e rose.

OSB to connect to Nuh Naci Yazgan Foundation University

Emphasizing that their priority in urban public transportation is the rail system, Mustafa Çelik said, “Our Kayseri Transportation Inc. (KAYSERAY) business provides transportation services by organizing flights on different routes with a total length of 55 kilometers with 33.9 stations. As the municipality, we have now focused on the 4th stage projects that will connect the OIZ to the Nuh Naci Yazgan Foundation University via the intercity bus terminal and Kayseri City Hospital with the Erciyes University -Talas Motherland line, which is now the 5th stage. Feasibility studies are carried out on both lines in the implementation phase and the routes are tried to be determined. If deemed appropriate, the Homeland line will start to be laid from the Erciyes University campus area. If not, the last stop in Talas will be activated as an alternative route ”.

Expedition frequency will go down to 3 minutes

Stating that the Kayseri OSB - Nuh Naci Yazgan line will extend from Belsin to the intercity bus terminal and from there to the Kayseri City Hospital, which is preparing to provide regional comprehensive services, and the campus of the aforementioned university, Çelik said, “With the implementation of these projects, the daily carrying capacity will double and increase to 180 thousand. 30 new vehicles purchased. These vehicles will begin to arrive from the end of the year. Therefore, the frequency of the voyage will be reduced to 3 minutes, ”he said.

Nearly 900 minibuses were removed from the voyage

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Celik, the rail system has an important share in urban public transportation, stating, taşıma transport services in Kayseri until a few years ago, the number of municipal buses and counts were carried out with dolmus. The minibuses were removed from the expedition and replaced by public buses. Public transportation services in the city are now being carried out jointly by rail bus systems, public buses using environmentally friendly fuel and municipal bus operation. Kent

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