150 Million Lira Highway Investment

150 Million Dollar Highway Investments: After completion of the works on the 33 kilometer route of Tunceli-Pertek highway, transportation between Tunceli and Elazığ will be reduced to 1,5 hours by 50 hours.
Tunceli Governor Osman Kaymak, will cost about 150 million pounds will complete the work on the Tunceli-Pertek highway between Tunceli-Elazig transportation will fall from 1,5 hours to 50 minutes, he said.
Investments continue in Tunceli after the peace atmosphere created by the Solution Process. The works initiated by the 8th Regional Directorate of the General Directorate of Highways on the Tunceli-Pertek highway are also continuing. Vali Kaymak told AA correspondent that the Pertek road is very important for Tunceli and said, “Maybe it will be one of the vital roads of Tunceli. We go from Tunceli to Elazig in 1,5 hours, if this road is completed, this time will be reduced to about 50 minutes. ”Kaymak stated that the current road is not very healthy and said,“ After the completion of the works, people's lives will be greatly facilitated. The road is planned to be completed in the sixth month of 2016. It's a huge work. "The Tunceli-Pülümür road has also been projected. After the completion of the work on the road, the Pertek bridge should also be built," Kaymak said: “With the construction of the bridge, our road will be reduced to 150 minutes. Tunceli-Pülümür road has also been designed, waiting for tender approval. According to the information we got from the highways, its cost is around 40 million. These are big things. If the work on this road starts, Tunceli will be located on a full transportation axis and the mobility in Tunceli will increase. This movement will contribute to Tunceli's economy and development. Therefore, we really thank our government. " Governor Kaymak said that their aim is to turn Tunceli, which is known for terrorism, into a province known for its transportation and development.
General Directorate of Highways 8. Regional Directorate Control Chief Tarkan Altuntaş also stated that the road will be 3 lane Altuntaş touching on the importance of the project in terms of Tunceli, Tunceli-Elazig route, which will lead to a shortening of the 65 kilometers of the country's economy will provide great earnings, he added.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 17:26

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