10 chairlift checked all inappropriate

The 10 chairlift was all checked out inappropriate: the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology underlined the ski lifts and ski lifts. The Ministry oversaw some chairlifts on complaints.

In the first quarter of this year, all of the 10 supervised auditors were found to be inappropriate. The ministry decided to check all the ropeways and ski lifts in the country. Within the scope of the program, cable cars in Ankara, Artvin, Bursa, Giresun and Istanbul will be inspected. 86 ropeways and chairlifts throughout the country, while the 6 of the inappropriate found out that the chairlifts in Bursa Uludag learned.


The ministry officials reminded me that during the winter months the citizens were stranded in the ski lifts in the cold. Vakit We focused on the controls for this area. In the first audits, the lack of concern for all the ropeways would be inappropriate. Because we started with those who complained to the audits. Therefore, the rate of non-compliance is high. O The weight of the inspection in ski tourism will be stated. Authorities, the activities of the cable cars are stopped and given the time for the elimination of troubles, "If there is a risk-free risk-free 3 thousand TL, if the detection of life-threatening insecurity between 15 thousand TL and 50 thousand TL penalty is applied," he said.