A meteorological observation station is being built

A meteorology observation station is being established on Yıldız Mountain: It has been reported that a meteorology observation station will be established in Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center.
Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center began to work on the construction of an unmanned automatic meteorological observation station to measure the air temperature and snow thickness. Meteorological Director Haydar Bacanlı and the accompanying delegation as a result of the investigation of the unmanned automated meteorological observation station was established. With the station to be made, the ski center will be given a healthier weather report from next season and the temperature and snow height of the center will be measured. Thanks to the system, the snow thickness and weather forecast report for the ski resorts throughout the country will be added to Yıldız Mountain. Thus, ski lovers across the country will receive the daily news of Yıldız Mountain and will be promoted on the mountain.
Salih Ayhan, General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration, evaluating the works carried out on Yıldız Mountain, stated that they had a very nice winter and said, “This may not be in terms of tourism, employment, but for ourselves, in terms of establishing the business system, making training programs and the cycle of the system and the formation of a business culture. it was a good test. " said.
Noting that they take into account the demands and sensitivities of the citizens regarding the road, Ayhan said, “Our friends project the road from Olukman Village to Yıldız Mountain. This year, we will relax in that area and provide a very comfortable transportation. Yıldız Mountain will be an attraction center for Sivas in winter with its artificial snow systems, ”he said.
Ayhan, "Stars in 52 Mountain ski resort in Turkey hope will be in the top 10. Stars Mount Palandöken next year in Erciyes, Turkey will take its place among the favorite ski resorts such as Kartalkaya. There will be no snow problem, no transportation problem. Hot Çermik connection will be made. "Together, we will experience the happiness of bringing a good project to Sivas."