Moving to the mass production of the new generation freight car

Mass production of the next generation freight wagon is started: In the event of a positive result from the wagon body inspection to be made in May, it plans to start mass production of the "next generation freight wagon" towards the end of May.

Interoperability Technical Terms "authorized Turkey Railway Machines in accordance with the relevant regulations of the European Union to produce a new generation of bogies equipped with the appropriate integrated braking system Industries Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) next month from the wagon body control to do in case of a positive result towards the end of May, the" new generation load plans to start mass production of.

VUZ (Vyzkumny Ustav Zeleznicni) firm, located in the Czech Republic and registered in the database of the European Union, audited in TÜDEMSAŞ between 31 March and 1 April.

During the inspection, bogie production which was started with the help of robots was examined with the help of projection studies, input controls, work flow diagrams, planning and documentation of the bogie which will start production (to increase the loading capacity of the wagons and the executive cars located under the chassis of the wagon for easy alignment of the rails in the bends of the railways). It was seen.

The quality management system, product and material traceability, the stages of production and the quality controls carried out at these stages and the recording of these were recorded.

As a result of the audit, VUZ, one of the leading certification bodies in Europe, authorized TÜDEMSAŞ in accordance with the relevant regulation of the European Union to manufacture bogies that comply with TSI.

TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan emphasized that the investments made by all employees, domestic and foreign education, technical visits and examinations are very important in taking this document for bogie production.

“It will be an important turning point for Sivas”

Noting that production areas, quality control laboratories, rehabilitation of material fields, modernization with technological investments and opening of the Welding Technologies Training Center within the company are milestones of this business, noted:

“In accordance with the international agreements we have signed, every freight wagon to be produced in our country in 2015 must comply with TSI requirements. Freight cars in its sector of Turkey's largest industrial enterprise TÜDEMSAŞ, was extremely important to get this document for the production of the most important components of the bogie wagons. At the beginning of May, a similar inspection will be made for the wagon body and our certification works will be completed at the point of wagon production in accordance with TSI. These works for TSI wagon production will be an important turning point for our country, TCDD, TÜDEMSAŞ and Sivas. Thanks to this document, we have come one step closer to the goal we set for Sivas, 'Sivas will be the production center of the wagon over TÜDEMSAŞ in the coming period'. ”

Koçarslan added that they are planning to start mass production of new generation freight wagons towards the end of May.

“TÜDEMSAŞ is a good company and promising”

VUZ representative Dr. Jiri Puda said, “TÜDEMSAŞ is a good company and promising. We think that our recommendations regarding bogie production will be followed and our cooperation will continue. We had good impressions at TÜDEMSAŞ. ”

Nadir Namlı, General Manager of the project partner RailTur, also stated that the training activities carried out in the recent years, national and international technical trips and examinations, in short, the investment in human is very important in obtaining the TSI certificate.

Stating that he believes that TÜDEMSAŞ will find a place in both the local and international market in the freight wagon sector, Namlı added that company employees make great efforts in developing and raising awareness of suppliers.

On 20 October 22, TÜDEMSAŞ introduced the prototype of the new generation freight wagon, the tare of which was alleged to be used, the world's most advanced braking system weighing 2014 tons.

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