Water Network is being installed on the Ring Road

Water Network on the Ring Road: The 3, which will significantly ease the traffic density in Adıyaman. The construction works of the Ring Road continue at full speed.
2. 3, which will be opened in the north of Ring Road. On the ring road, infrastructure activities are carried out. Adiyaman Municipality Water and Sewerage Affairs Directorate teams of the road in the neighborhood of Yeşilyurt and Siteler drinking water network is installed. In the first stage, the route planned to be laid on the 5 kilometer area, while the excavation works are carried out with heavy machinery, on the other hand, the main line of drinking water is formed by the teams.
According to the information received from Adiyaman Municipality Water and Sewerage Affairs Directorate; new 3. In line with the infrastructure procedures prior to the construction of the Peripheral Road, now the 2 separate drinking water line is installed. It is stated that one of the planned networks, each of which will be 2 and a half kilometer long, will be composed of 150 X XUMX, one of which will be 160 X XUMX size and PVC pipes, while intensive works will be completed as soon as possible.

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