Watching the sunrise on the Mount of Gods

Watching the sunrise on the Gods Mountain: Tourists go to Tahtali by cable car before sunrise and sunset, watching the sunrise and sunset

In 2, 365 thousand visitors were hosted at the summit of Tahtalı Mountain, which is located in Olympos National Park, which is known as the 'Gods Mountain' in mythology and is located in the Olympos National Park, which hosted various civilizations thousands of years ago. Haydar Gümrükçü, General Manager of Olympos Ropeway Company, which has the 2014rd longest cable car business in Europe, said that the number of guests visiting the Tahtalı Mountain summit is increasing every year. Gümrükçü said, “In 230, 3 thousand tourists visited the summit and watched the sunrise and sunset. 2013 thousand tourists came to visit in 205, ”he said.

Haydar Gümrükçü, who explained that they are carrying out road construction works from the main road to the sub station and invited everyone to watch the sunrise and sunset, said, “Our sunrise services are held between 16 June 2015 and 18 October 2015. Our guests go to the summit with the cable car before sunrise and watch the sunrise. Our sunset services are held between July 2, 2015 and August 29, 2015. At the top of the mountain, you will see the sun setting, as well as the moonrise and shining stars. We invite our valued guests to experience a unique and unique adventure ”.