The first ferryboats in Van Lake will be launched in June.

The first of the ferries that will operate in Van Lake will be launched in June: The first of the ferries, the construction of which has been started to be operated in Van Lake and still under construction, will be completed in June and the second one will be delivered to the Van Lake Ferry Management.

In the Tatvan district of Bitlis, two giant ferries with a capacity of one thousand 50 wagons and 4 to carry a thousand tons of cargo will be launched this year. The first one of the ferries still under construction will be completed in June and the second will be completed at the end of 2015 and will be delivered to the Van Lake Ferry Operation. The ongoing 50 wagon and 4 are aimed at improving trade through Lake Van with two ferries capable of handling one thousand tons. In total, the ferries with 7 floors have double propellers and a double mastery lodge. In addition, the ferries that come to the end with technology are capable of carrying 350 passengers, while restaurants and cafes can be used in places where passengers will be comfortable.

Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Engineer Fikret Uygun said that they have built two train ferry ferries since 2010. Uygun said, başla We started manufacturing 2010 ships that are still under construction. We're about to finish the first ship as soon as possible. If Allah gives, we will deliver the first ship in early June and the second ship at the end of 2015. We are now in the workshop where the second ship's block manufacturing is done. Our ship has a steel sheet weight of 3 thousand tons. On the second ship, we have completed nearly one thousand 500 workshop workshops. A total of 200 employees work in Istanbul and our construction site. Our ships are very important for this region, we are aware of it. Accordingly, we have finally increased our efforts to be believed to be extremely difficult in times of time. Buna

It was stated that the first ferry was installed at the shipyard and that the second ferry was prepared in the closed area and that each ship would be approximately 50 wagon and 4 thousand full load capacity. It is appropriate, yolcu We have the capacity to carry 350 passengers on our ships and next to the wagon. In our ships, nine personnel will work. In addition, due to the propeller features of the ships, it is built to make double loading and unloading. For this reason, each of our ships has two captain houses on each side. Bu

Shipbuilding and Marine Machinery Engineer Fikret Uygun stated that all of the vessels are domestic goods. In this context, our ships have 4 generator sets. This generator set is available for the first time in Eskisehir in Turkey TCDD owned machinery factory production made for our ship. This is a very nice event that is proud and very nice for us Bu explained.

He added that the vessels, which have a lot more speed and capacity as well as speed and capacity, will bring down costs in terms of transportation and speed.

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