15 centimeters of snow fell on Uludağ

15 centimeters of snow fell on Uludağ: The cold and rainy weather affecting the country affected life in Bursa in a negative way. In the ski center Uludağ, the snow thickness reached 130 cm from 145 cm. Meterology announced that the rains will continue intermittently throughout the week in Uludağ, where the air temperature has dropped to a degree below zero. All facilities except Ağaoğlu and Alkoçlar Hotel in Uludağ, where teleski and chairlifts are kept open to build skis, were closed last March.

There are 6 hotels and 21 guesthouses in Uludağ, which has a capacity of 4 thousand beds, where the Gendarmerie does not allow vehicles without chains to enter the traffic.