Tünektepe cable car line works on the construction of the station

The station construction works of the Tünektepe cable car line continue: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel's first details of the 604 meter high Tünekpete project, which he cited as "We will create a postcard image, turn it into a center of attraction". Carrying the finest lines of modern architecture in the photographs used in the 2014 annual report of the Metropolitan City, Tünektepe will be a symbolic structure.

The activity report of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality 2014 was completed for the first three months of the year in CHP, and for the 9 month, for the Menderes Türel, the Mayor of the Ak Parti Metropolitan Municipality. The report will be sent to the Metropolitan Municipality Council on Thursday to discuss the initial assessments by the commissions.


The 2014-page report on the 280 of the metropolitan municipality revealed different details among the ongoing projects of the municipality. Within the scope of the 'EU Enterprises and Business' Project, the report said, sıralan The EU Enterprises and Business X project is continuing the efforts of encouraging 55-age Europeans to promote trans-national tourism activities and circulation in stagnant seasons.


One of the ongoing projects of the Metropolitan Municipality 'Antalya Cruise Port' was the work. The report focused on the necessity of studies to develop cruise tourism in the city by taking into consideration the position of Antalya in the country's tourism. In a report that stated that the field study was carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and municipal technical personnel, the study found that the region at the western end of Lara Beach was found to be suitable in principle. In order to propose to the Investment Program of the Antalya Cruise Port, which can be implemented with build-operate-transfer model, the Ministry has included the study of the project to be carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality. In addition, in the ground plan studies carried out by the Transportation 6 Regional Directorate, it was stated that the cruise dock was planned to host the 2 345 meter-long 150 meter ship with 150 meters, 1 meter-long 100 meter and 4 meter ship with the capacity of hosting the XNUMX passenger ship at the same time.


In the report, for the details of the President of the Metropolitan Municipality Türel explained that they are working with an architect who lives in the United States and ve We will transform the center into a center of attraction by creating the image of postcards da. It will have a symbolic nature with the giant oranges that carry the most original lines of modern architecture. It was stated that the elevation difference between the upper and lower stations of the ropeway was 604 meters, and the total line length was 1685 meters, while the gondolas going through the ropeway were designed to have a capacity of 8.

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