6 million 250 thousand TL will make way to Trabzon Büyükşehir Çaykara

6 will make 250 thousand TL for Trabzon Büyükşehir Çaykara: Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality is planning to sell 2015 thousand tons of asphalt in the asphalt season of 180. The cost of asphalt work in Trabzon will be approximately 30 million TL.
This year, the 20 million TL spent by the 110 thousand cubic meters of concrete roads, aiming to build the Metropolitan Municipality is continuing preparations for this. Concrete road construction work will be evaluated according to population density and road network of districts.
Within the scope of the DOKAP Project, a total of 4 million 750 thousand TL will be spent in Çaykara, for the opening of the Uzungöl-Çayıroba-Yente route, the asphalting 1 million 500 thousand TL, and the Soğanlı-Sultanmurat highland concrete channel construction in the 6 million 250 thousand TL.
Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu underlined that this year will be the year in which the construction of asphalt and concrete roads will be started throughout the province and that they will be in the effort of reaching all districts with equal service understanding. 5 years of duty until the end of the year to reach the end of the province in a way that they are not stating that the Customs Customs, emergency and priority areas to start the road asphalt, concrete, damaged roads will continue to maintain maintenance and repair, he said.



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