Patnos municipality establishes asphalt plant facility

Patnos municipality is building an asphalt plant: Agri is being built by Patnos Municipality and the facility has the latest technology.
Underlining that the asphalt production facility will close a huge gap, AK Party Patnos Mayor Cem Afşin Akbay expressed his happiness in bringing an asphalt production facility to the city. Pointing out that the district is spread over a wide area, Mayor Akbay said, “We can only make a stabilized road with the possibilities we have. But I think it is necessary to save our citizens from dust and mud seriously and to make our district an even more livable region. ”
Mayor Akbay stated that because of the heavy winter conditions, paving stones will be made to all side streets, he added that the hot asphalt pavement will ensure that all roads are of higher quality and longer life. Mayor Akbay said, ız We will establish an asphalt party. After that we plan to lay hot asphalt. Because of the heavy winter conditions of Patnos, we will make cobblestone to the streets and the asphalt pavement that we will install after installing the asphalt will be both better quality, longer life and more useful.



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