The lands of Bursan are falling

Bursa's lands are being snatched up: While Bursa is shortening the distance between Istanbul and Istanbul thanks to the highway, the lands in the city that grows rapidly towards the west are literally being caught by investors.
While Bursa is shortening the distance between Istanbul and Istanbul thanks to the highway, the lands in the city, which is growing rapidly towards the west, are almost confronted by the investors.
Bursa, which is on the path of becoming a whole with Istanbul in terms of both transportation and industrialization, attracts the attention of investors. Investors are almost confronting the land in Bursa.
Çalimlioğlu Chairman of the Board, Harun Çalımlıoğlu said, “25 years ago, we increased our growth rate in Bursa and its surroundings by believing, growing and developing further every day in the real estate sector. Today is a very serious projects related to Turkey we are a company that aims to deliver a much wider audience with our companion. Bursa in later times very nicely and we aim to be able to introduce Turkey in the international arena. The name Elit, which we set out 25 years ago, is a name used in every layer throughout the country. Because this name is used today in many places in the metropolises, Turkey in order to move across the widest ring road, we continue to strain under the name Çalımlıoğl our own name, "he said.
Stating that when they stepped into the real estate sector 25 years ago, they saw that the most reliable port in the investment world was soil, Çalımlıoğlu said, “Because centers and new architectural areas were changing. With the establishment of new development areas in rapidly growing Bursa, old regions fell out of favor and new regions always made the investor smile. The land was always at the forefront. We have always kept the land in the foreground on this path we started. Today, all land-related investments are positive for investors. kazanIt provided three,” he said.
Ecek Bursa is an incredibly large metropolis, a giant city, en said Çalımlıoğlu. Because all the infrastructure services we have seen today, factors that make it easier for Istanbul to come here. The highway project is the largest project in its class. Istanbul and Bursa will reduce the 1 hour. International airport planning, Bogazköy Project will be held in the world 6 one in Turkey by increasing the very serious human circulation with the anticipated establishment of a single Autotest Center carries very serious economic income projects, such as is to be achieved Bursa little more front every day. People now see Bursa more clearly. Because the gateway to Anatolia is Bursa. Bursa's being the capital of the Ottoman Empire, dominating the sea routes, all the connection roads to Anatolia focused on Bursa has brought Bursa to the fore. With the growth of the metropolitan cities to connect with the city has reached a growing bağlantı he said.
Noting that there are many areas related to investment in Bursa, Çalımoğlu said:
Uz We tell the investors. The important thing is to take the right ground at the right time from the right place. The earth is the largest investment vehicle and safe harbor without production in the world. But if you always do this with the right experts, you make a reasonable investment. The whole world is growing westward. Bursa will grow and grow to the west. Because, when you examine Bursa as an area, when you go up to the top, Uludağ is an obstacle to sea growth when you descend. When we look at these, the only place for Bursa to grow is the western side. Bunlar
Harun Çalımlıoğlu emphasized that the West region of Bursa, which was flooded by investors, never bothered the investor. And they always made investors laugh. Bursa is growing very rapidly towards the west. Bursa and the industry and tourism moves, agriculture and animal husbandry in Bursa, has a very large road in the west. We always say that. What gold, what stock market, everything is always in the investment plot, the field. If you want to invest your savings on the right path, you should definitely turn your investments about your future into land investments. Consider Bursa and its environs, the special areas where the projects intersect, the fields and the experts. Invest in Bursa and its surroundings. Because Bursa will turn into a giant metropolis met.

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