Targeting Logistics Should Be Long-Term Achievements

Target in Logistics Should Be Long-Term Achievements: Turgut Erkeskin, Chairman of the Board of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers (UTİKAD), said, Taşıma No one can be permanent in the competitive market environment with daily successes. Turkey has the right policies and sustainable logistics in a strong position if the economy has the capacity to provide logistics and become a global player, "he said.

The Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers UTİKAD and the international independent certification and inspection firm BureauVeritas organized a seminar on ureau Sustainable Logistics Certificate endirme prepared for the logistics sector with the participation of members of UTİKAD.

UTİKAD Chairman of the Board Turgut Erkeskin moderated the seminar, BureauVeritas Certification Department Director Seçkin Demiralp, BureauVeritas Business Development Manager Burcu Mutman Boran, Ekol Logistics Management Systems Development Manager Enise Ademoglu and Solibra Logistics Board Member Bahadir Bozok participated as a speaker. General Manager Cavit Uğur also participated in the seminar and the interest of the members of the company was intense.

”When Logistics Paths Are Closed, Foreign Trade Acknowledges Ticaret

UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, in his speech at the opening of the seminar, stated that logistics is now one of the strategic sectors in world trade and that a congestion in logistics movements affects foreign trade.

Zaman Our foreign trade is interrupted when our logistics channels are closed. Lastly, the Ro-Ro crisis that we live with Egypt in our region is one of these examples. In order to ensure growth and prosperity in the economy, we need to develop continuity in logistics services, that is, sustainable strategies. No one can survive in the competitive market environment with day-to-day success. Global actors speak of 'sustainability in logistics'

Expressing their responsibility for building a sustainable future in logistics, UTIKAD stated that sustainable policies are the primary criteria and that Sustainable Logistics Certificate is one of these studies.

”Document Prepared for the Needs of Logistics Sector“

Erkeskin stated that in recent years, the companies aiming at sustainability will lead to serious reasons, and that there are many components of making companies sustainable, and that UIKAD and BureauVeritas bring together these components and prepare a document that fully meets the needs of the logistics sector. Erkeskin stated that the companies will stand one step ahead of the competition when they implement the criteria in this document and added:

Sağlamak There are many criteria for ensuring sustainability, from the way they do business to personnel management, from environment to legislation. While working with logistics service manufacturers, the business world does not just look at fulfilling the services they need, but also whether they can make the service sustainable. When our companies implement the criteria in the Sustainable Logistics Certificate, they will see that they provide permanence in their productivity and they will be preferable. UTİKAD brings out the products that will cover the needs of all its members. Criteria in the Sustainable Logistics Certificate are addressed to a three-person company and include the company with thousands of employees. We want all of our 410 members to receive this document. Within the framework of our contacts with FIATA, we aim to ensure that our certificate is valid worldwide. We are planning to launch the World of Our Document at the FIATA World Congress in Taiwan in September. Eylül

Pointing out that one of the most important factors in sustainability is için risk management için, Erkeksin explained that UTİKAD has insured bill of lading, liability insurance and receivable management activities for its members.

Demiralp: Yön Threats and risks should be managed well Demir

BureauVeritas Certification Department Director Seckin Demiralp said that the threats and risks can be managed with sound steps when managed well, and that all the elements of the logistics sector are examined and reflected in this document in cooperation with UTIKAD. Demiralp emphasized that this document does not contain general standards and is completely sector specific.

Boran: The goal of the audit process is not punishing

BureauVeritas Business Development Manager Burcu Mutman Boran stated that the document served as a guideline for the companies with sector-specific sustainability criteria. With the implementation of the criteria in the document, they have a high level of service quality and competitiveness. There is a validity of three years after the receipt of the document. During this period, the company's controls on compliance with the criteria continues uygun.

Ademoğlu: Having This Document Is A Shape

Ekol Logistics Management Systems Development Manager Enisa humankind is pioneering the first time UTIKAD via developed in Turkey in the world "Sustainable Logistics Certificate" is the first company that is proud to be and expressed that this document is a document that is actually a posture to be hung on the wall.

Stating that sustainability is a process management, Ademoğlu said, i We received this document very fast but we have worked for 12 for this year. The document is actually a result of what we do and the way we do business. We are happy to take part in the good practices that have been realized in the sector in a meaningful way. Sustainable Logistics Certificate is also a good practice to create quality standards in the logistics sector. Sektör

Bozok: Our main policies were determined and recorded

Solibra Logistics Board Member Bahadir Bozok 10 has stated that as an annual company, as their business volume increases, they use this document to make their growing goals sustainable. Bozok said,, Through our certification process, our main policies were determined and recorded in all our processes including quality policy, customer policy, environment / occupational health policy and information systems. In this way, all of our processes have been completed by completing the legal requirements and become traceable. Bu

Uğur: Lojirisk-Risk Management Training in Logistics

UTİKAD General Manager Cavit Uğur, as the last link of the Association's sustainability and risk management activities, stated that they included a two-day training module in their education programs, which aims to examine all the steps of logistics and transportation from sales to collection in line with the principles of risk management. invited to join the training.

UTİKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin thanked the speakers for their contributions at the end of the seminar and stated that the importance of all small and big companies for sustainable logistics is important for this document.

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