Havaray and Kartal-Kaynarca metro will fly prices in Kartal region

Havaray and Kartal-Kaynarca metro will fly the Kartal region prices: Eva Real Estate Appraisal Research and Reporting Manager Deniz Şahinkaya, urban transformation projects, renewed industrial lands, Anatolian Side Justice Palace and Kadıköy- It says that the opening of the Kartal metro line to service increases the value of Kartal.

Şahinkaya Kartal also says that it has a high investment potential with its close location to Pendik, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and giant marina project in Tuzla, which is designed as the last stop of Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train.

Şahinkaya stated that the urban transformation in recent years has started to transform industrial areas and old houses into luxury housing projects or home-offices with the emergence of urban transformation. Sahinkaya, the region has a metro line, the island view, the coast, D-100 Highway and TEM highway is the most important factors in choosing the proximity.

Metro and Courthouse increased prices

Before the arrival of the metropolis and the opening of the Courthouse in 2011, the unit unit prices of the unit between the D-100 Road and the Tem Motorway ranged between 1.500-TL / m2 and 4.450.-TL / m2. . Said that it reaches to TL / m3.000 levels; 2.-TL / m6.800 and 2.-TL / m2011 100.-TL / m1.600 2.-TL / m5.700 We have observed that the levels reached. Although there are differences between the qualifications of the mentioned projects, the main reason for the increase in prices is the new infrastructure projects and the positioning of the Courthouse in this region. When the sales of the same housing projects are compared with the sales of 2 and the sales of today, it is seen that there are increases up to% 2014. X

Must be in a hurry for investment

Sahinkaya warned that after the completion of urban transformation projects developed in Kartal region, the price increase will continue to be at normal levels. Both urban transformation and infrastructure works have increased the housing prices in the region. Hem

Şahinkaya, who stated that after the introduction of the Kartal-Kaynarca metro line with the Havaray project, the prices will increase further, metro However, after the Havaray and Kartal-Kaynarca metro line project, the price rises will continue in the normal course. In other words, investors need to invest in these infrastructure projects before opening the Havaray and metro project. Later, the investments will not bring as much profit as expected. Daha



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