The establishment of Kardemir 78. Anniversary

The establishment of Kardemir 78. Anniversary: ​​In the 1937 established by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's directives, and today was a village 15 digit conducive to the emergence of Karabük Turkey's first heavy iron and steel sector kardemir, 78. celebrates its anniversary.
Covering 2014 with a profit of TL 331 million, Karabük Iron and Steel Works Inc. is taking firm steps towards becoming a global brand.
KARDEMİR A.Ş., which makes a province consisting of a 15-digit Lunch village, is a province. spent 78 years in the crisis year of leaving behind a factory in Turkey continues to maintain its leadership as well as being a school that contribute to the economy. "20 years ago, completed his life," said the closure decision Karabük Iron and Steel Factory today arrived in position to compete with world companies, besides the preferred brand in Turkey. After Kardemir became privileged, it became a profitable factory when it started making the investments it needed to stand.
After his rail production in the intervening years 1960 70 and 47 xnumx'l year in rail profile KARDEMİR area reintroducing the mill today it produces high-speed train rails 2007 meters long in Turkey. After privatization, KARDEMİR invested more than 72 billion dollars and continued to do so. 1 is a province with a population of 1995 thousand inhabitants of Karabük, which is a province of Karabakh then 100, which is a province of Nakhiya then accident and then in the province of 230. 78 as the province of the year. celebrating
Ataturk's Turkey, the export orders to be examined whether foundation of iron and steel industry after the attempted 2 times and the results of efforts to establish deferred factory due allowance absence despite the positive came up with the examination for the third time the Russian delegation in 1932 was restarted. In the 1925 in Turkey to examine whether foundation of economic principles in the iron and steel industry was started by the Ministry of Economy. In the 1925, one of the experts in Luxembourg for the study of oil deposits. Lucius, on the other hand, to study coal and iron ore, is one of the professors of the Leopen Mining School in Austria. Granigg was brought. Dr. Granigg, to establish iron and steel industry in Turkey for the existence of favorable iron ore, coal our whether it is suitable for making iron and steel coke to be used in industry, iron and steel in an economic way the industry was commissioned to examine the need to set up in anywhere in Turkey. Dr. During the works of Granigg, a general directorate was established in the Ministry of Commerce, and other experts were brought in. Our mines were inspected, the coking tests of the coal in Maurice and in Germany in Germany and the iron ore in Medinger in Luxembourg were analyzed. However, these studies could not be continued and the establishment of the iron and steel industry did not come up until 1928. In the beginning of 1928, a meeting was held in Erkan-ı Harbiye and the situation of iron and steel industry was re-examined; The establishment of 1932 years to work in the iron and steel industry in Turkey began its examination of the Russian delegation for the third time. According to the report of the delegation, 1929 thousand tons of 1930 thousand tons per year according to the customs statistics, 150 thousand tons / year will be needed in the future, considering the need for the production of blast furnaces will be established for the production of blast furnaces, the chemical industry will be established for the blast furnace is very important by-products in terms of chemical industry It was determined that sulfuric acid and other sub-industry to be established around the heavy industrial center would be economical. Finally, in order to determine the location of the heavy iron industry and to investigate other problems, Sümerbank and Erkan-ı Harbiye have decided to establish the most important establishment of the first Industry Plan and the Karabük region was found suitable for its location.
The law on the establishment of a heavy iron industry in Turkey was accepted as published on March 17, 1926 March 29, 1926, Law No. 334 in the Official Gazette No. 786. After the investigations started in 1925 for the establishment of the Iron and Steel Industry, the problem of choosing a suitable place for this industry was also addressed and different ideas were proposed from time to time. In this regard, after the studies of American economists and Russian delegations and a committee from Sümerbank and Erkan-ı Harbiye representatives, “Karabük”, which is close to the coal mine, was chosen for the iron and steel industry. As the reasons for choosing Karabük's iron and steel country; It has been shown that it is suitable for the establishment of a heavy geology in terms of proximity to mining coal basins, on the railway route and being suitable for the settlement of the region. The foundation of the facilities that were awarded to HA Brassert on a contract of £ 10 million signed with the British Government on November 1936, 2,5 due to the favorable establishment of the Karabük Iron and Steel Industry, was established by the İsmet İnönü, the Applicant of the time, in Karabük village of Zonguldak on April 3, 1937. Onions Filyos River, which joins the arm and Tools of tea thrown together on large plantations and paddy rice cultivation so that the steel industry from turning in Karabük, Turkey's first moves was started in heavy industry.
1 March 1938's integrated iron and steel plant was started to be installed in a short time such as 3 by the Turkish engineers, technicians and workers working together with the British company experts. She received. The first Turkish steel from the facilities established in the paddy fields of the village of Karabük was purchased on the 6 October 1939. During the establishment of the factory, the villagers carried stones on their mules and the prisoners were pardoned for a year's work. Nazım Hikmet, a poet among British and German engineers, Turkish villagers and prisoners, and even prisoners in the Çankırı prison, worked in the construction of facilities.
Founded on 3 April 1937, Demir Çelik Factories worked under the name of "Iron and Steel Factories Directorate" until 13.05.1955. Iron and Steel Factory Plant on expanding with the addition of several units Head, separated from Sümerbank 13.05.1955 date and 6559 numbered come to an independent KIT state law and "Turkey's General Directorate of Iron and Steel Enterprises" got its name. Divrigi is an institution of the meat Bank on 21.06.1955 which operates the field and Headquarters also introduced the Iron Mines Karabük Iron and Steel Factory experienced mounting elements in its structure cultivates the establishment of heavy industry in Turkey and 3 Iron and Steel Factory, which Iskenderun Iron and Steel Factory ' He also led the establishment of. Karabük Iron and Steel Enterprises, which have been the locomotive of the national industry for many years, has been prevented from renewing its technology from a period and started to lose due to reasons not caused by Karabük. Thus, it was decided to be privatized by the end of the year under the Economic Measures Program dated April 5, 1994, and to be closed if this could not be achieved. With the decision of the Privatization High Council dated 30.12.1994 and numbered 94/16, Karabük Iron and Steel Factories Institution was included in the scope and program of privatization, and for this purpose, the institution was converted to Karabük Demir Çelik Fabrikaları A.Ş. The additional decisions of the Privatization High Council dated 13.01.1995/94 and 16 and numbered 29.03.1995/95 were foreseen to be transferred to KARDEMİR A.Ş., which was established on 30 by the Enterprising Committee of Karabük Demir Çelik Fabrikaları A.Ş. Prime Ministry Privatization Administration and KARDEMİR A.Ş. With the contract dated 17.02.1995, signed by the enterprising committee, the terms of transfer have been decided. Accordingly, Karabük Demir Çelik Fabrikaları A.Ş. all of the shares were transferred to KARDEMİR A.Ş.
Karabuk Iron and Steel Factories have visited the important names of time periodically. In the 1955, the King of Iraq, 1.Faysal, Iranian Shah Shah Reza Pahlavi and his wife Sureyya at 1956, the Afghan King Zahif Khan in 1956 visited Emperor Haile Selassia in Ethiopia in 1957.
1955 is the King of Iraq who visited Karabuk Iron and Steel Enterprises in 1. He was murdered the day he returned to his country. Japanese Ambassador Takasiro Inove visited the Iron and Steel Enterprises in 1959 During the trip to the pipe factory, pigeons poured sand and dust on the roof of the pigeons poured on his head, the ambassador thought that this work had been done by the workers, the court took three years, and the workers were acquitted. The Ambassador learned the truth and apologized to the workers. KAMEMIR, who started to experience difficult times during the crisis in 2002, also visited the former President of the CIA, James Woosley.
With the decision of 30 dated 1994 date 94 / 16 of Privatization Supreme Council, KARDEMİR Institution was taken into the privatization scope and program. Additional decisions of 13 / 1995 and 94 March 16 date 29 / 1995 of the Privatization High Council were transferred to KARDEMİR A.Ş. Privatization Administration (Ö.İ.B.) and KARDEMİR A.Ş. With the contract signed by the Entrepreneur Delegation, the transfer terms were stipulated. Accordingly, KARDEMİR A.Ş. shares were transferred to KARDEMİR A.Ş. The severance and notice payments of all employees who are subject to the Labor Law were paid by the Privatization Administration. The company was committed to providing 95 million 30 thousand 17 dollars for the immediate maintenance, repairs and investments needed. In addition, a stock of 1995 billion TL cash and minimum safe stock level 20 billion TL have been foreseen. Besides all the debts and liabilities vested in the General Directorate of Turkey he was allowed Iron & Steel. KARDEMİR A.Ş. 619 of the transfer contract signed between the founding partners and the High Board of the Entrepreneur Committee. According to the share distribution groups and ratios specified in the subsection a of the article, 599 pledged to establish the partnership structure in the form and style that will provide the widest participation from the date of transfer until 900 date. Ö.İ.B., on all vehicles, machinery and equipment and real estates of the company until the fulfillment of the specified commitments. in favor of pledge and mortgage facility. 1.278-3 30 1995 7 14 1995 408 27.09.1995 6391 8.733.927.521.411 1 408 30.03.1995 1990 1980 date, 25.5 taken from the Privatization Administration, and the distribution of the shares to the groups as stated in the requested form of pledges and mortgages were removed. As a result, the capital of Karabük Demir Çelik Fabrikaları A.Ş., which was transferred to KARDEMİR A.Ş., has been raised to 30 TL (1987). It was distributed. Thus, the provisions of the transfer was effective from the date of 1994 entered into force. The undersigned in all industrial facilities in Turkey Karabük Iron and Steel Factory, 231 years since the case came to a loss of efficiency and profitability, losing their function. False policies based on employment in the past, not making new investments, high inflation in the XNUMX years and meeting the needs with high interest from the banks, transferring the share of XNUMX in the establishment of Erdemir to the Public Partnership Administration (XIII) on April XNUMX as free of charge He left Steel in a very difficult position. The factory closed the year XNUMX with a loss of $ XNUMX million.
DYP-SHP coalition government and Prime Minister Tansu Çiller, together with Deputy Prime Minister Murat Karayalçın 5 April 1994 economic decisions made in the framework of the privatization of Karabük Iron and Steel Factories, it was decided to close if it is not possible. The city went into a great struggle for its salvation. The roads were closed, the public, workers, tradesmen, businessmen and politicians started the action. 8 On November 1994, the roads connecting Karabük to Ankara were closed. All workplaces were shut down, life was stopped for a day. After the struggles of steel workers, industrialists and tradesmen and local people in Karabük, the government stepped back. The closure of Karabük DÇ Fabrikaları was abandoned and 30 1995 1 has been privatized by selling 35 liras to local and local people. As a result of the privatization, the employees of KARDEMİR were owned by 30, industrialists and traders by 10, tradesmen and craftsmen by 25 and local people by 2. KARDEMIR was opened to the public for the supply of working capital of 51.6 trillion TL immediately after the transfer. However, since the required working capital could not be completed, the public offering was brought to the agenda for the second time. While the share of those who work in the public offering increased to 2, the expected capital amount of 408 trillion remained in XNUMX billion liras.
Pledges and mortgages were established in favor of the PA on all vehicles, machinery and equipment and real estates of the company until the stated commitments were fulfilled. 7-14 1995 408 27.09.1995 6391 8.733.927.521.411 1 408 30.03.1995 1990 1980 25.5 30 1987 1994 231 date, XNUMX taken from the Privatization Administration stated that the distribution of the shares to the groups was carried out in writing and the pledges and mortgages were removed. As a result, the capital of Karabük Demir Çelik Fabrikaları A.Ş. was transferred to KARDEMİR A.Ş. and the issued capital was increased to XNUMX TL. (XNUMX) The shares of the company that were taken over for the amount of TL (XNUMX) were distributed free of charge in proportion to the shares of XNUMX billion TL shareholders. Thus, the provisions of the transfer was effective from the date of XNUMX entered into force. The undersigned in all industrial facilities in Turkey Karabük Iron and Steel Factory, XNUMX years since the case came to a loss of efficiency and profitability, losing their function. False policies based on employment in the past, not making new investments, the lack of a port close to the sea road, the high inflation in the XNUMX years and meeting the needs with high interest from the banks, the share of the XNUMX in the establishment of Erdemir on April XNUMX free of charge The transfer of shares to the Partnership Authority left Karabük Demir Çelik in a very difficult position and the factory closed the year XNUMX with a loss of $ XNUMX million.
The pre-privatization of the 1984-1994 between the years 14 million dollars invested by the state was constantly harmed. The giant factory, which could not renew itself due to the inability to make the necessary investments at the state, started the modernization and plant renovation works after privatization. The steel production system was changed and the converter system was switched. For these investments, which were made to compete with the world, 210 million dollars were spent, including financial expenses. Kardemir, 1995 million dollars in 5.982, 1996 million dollars in 30.217 and 1997 in the year 43.592 million dollars. 1998 Asian and Russian crises caught while Kardemir also invest in the modernization of the steel industry as into trouble in Turkey. Kardemir, who could not provide the easiness it expected from the state for the transportation of the raw materials purchased from state institutions, faced unfair competition when he could not benefit from the subsidies provided for Electric Arc Furnaces. In the meantime, Isdemir's support for the sale of cheap iron and steel products, taking the support of the state, forced Kardemir to cut the price. Turkish iron and steel industry received the biggest blow from the global crisis since the end of 1997. Kardemir and İsdemir, which produce construction steel known as long products, are faced with unfair competition. Beginning to suffer from 1998, Kardemir closed the 1998 million dollars, the 4.788 1999 million dollars, the 71.441 2000 million dollars. KARDEMİR announced the 2001 balance sheet as 118,635 million TL loss. Scrap name unsupervised under way into Turkey quality billet, rebar was offered the use of the country's rail and ship made from sheet completed its life. The chemical compositions and mechanical properties of these non-standard buildings were collapsed during the November 17 August and 12 earthquakes. Thousands of people died and billions of dollars in financial losses were caused by poor iron use. Despite all these negative developments, KARDEMİR continued its unstoppable path as a last resort and started to give direction to its investments with loans from abroad. 2008 236 million profit per year with the closing KARDEMİR, while in 2009 72 announced losses per million. In the 2010 year, KARDEMIR entered the profitable period and closed the year with a profit of 21 million TL. 2011 155 million TL profit in the year of the factory, 2012 with the year 194 million TL profit covered. XARX 2013 100 million TL profit with the year of the year, and 2014 331 million TL profit with the year ended. Today, the factory invested more than 1 billion dollars and invested approximately 100 million dollars in this investment and showed respect for nature. Faced with the promises he constantly polluted the environment, KARDEMİR has adopted the principle of being an environmentally conscious and EU standards factory with his new projects. Today, with the investment of 100 million dollars in the environment, using the gases removed from the chimneys, new investment areas and the market emerged. KARDEMİR also give up essential that the investments and ongoing investments to stand despite all the problems, today was the preferred brand in Turkey and the country's railway networks began to knit together again after years 45.
After the privatization of KARDEMIR, an investment of 1999 million dollars was made until 250. After the 2003 year, the furnaces were renewed and revarted. By renewing the rail and profile rolling mill, the products were produced both in product range and in single Kardemir. With these, the country needs to produce long length rail, big size profile, angle iron and metal pole. It has become a strong institution by producing high quality steel. Soon after privatization, 1 has invested over a billion dollars.
KARDEMİR A.Ş. Deputy Chairman of the Board Kamil Güleç stated that KARDEMİR had made great strides in the last 12 year, and started to invest in 1995 soon after the privatization in 1999 and the breakthrough started with the Oxygen Converters started in 1999. told.
Explaining that the Ray Profil Rolling Mill, which he opened in 2007, was an important turning point for the company, Güleç said, “With this investment, KARDEMİR has become the only company in our country that produces railway tracks, and one of the most important strategic partners of TCDD. With its high added value rail production, both KARDEMİR kazanOur country can supply this product, which is an import substitute of TCDD, from Kardemir. kazanIt was not easy for our company to realize this investment, which led to its success. By making the decision of such an important investment after the second half of 1999, when we came to the management of a company that was brought to the point of bankruptcy with its activities between 2002-2002, groaning under the debt burden, and taking its employees on unpaid leave, by pledging our stocks for 12 years as a loan guarantee and obtaining a loan. We made this investment in the 2005-2007 period. From now on, our goal was to increase the production capacity of KARDEMİR in accordance with the economies of scale. In 2008, we commissioned the blast furnace no. 500 with a capacity of 4 thousand tons/year. In 2011, we demolished our 1939 blast furnace no. 1 and replaced it with a new blast furnace with a capacity of 500 thousand tons and increased our capacity to 1,8 million tons. In this period when the world steel industry is growing rapidly, we could not stand still. This time, we targeted the new blast furnace no. 1,2 with a capacity of 5 million and started the investment. Parallel to this, we commissioned investments such as a coke plant, power plant, continuous casting machine, oxygen converter, air separation plant, lime plant, and the blast furnace no. 5 and material handling facilities suitable for this size. 4. Air separation and other arrangements in the steel house continue. Investments that will transform the reached production and targeted liquid steel capacity into products with high added value continue. With the Çubuk and Kangal Rolling Mill investment among these investments, the products needed by the machinery manufacturing industry, especially the automotive sector, will now be produced in KARDEMİR. Again, using our advantage of being an integrated iron and steel plant, we started the investment for the railway wheel production facility, which is one of the most important infrastructure materials of the railways together with the rail and is met with import substitution. With this investment, which will expand the product range of KARDEMİR, which has been producing only construction steel and structural steel since its establishment, to serve many different sectors, our company will gain a more competitive position in the sector and will be an active player not only in domestic markets but also in export markets.
Kamil Güleç stated that KARDEMİR, which was decided to be closed in 1994 on the grounds that it could not be privatized on the grounds that its economic and technological life was over, and where lien officers walked at its door during 1999-2002, today has a strong financial structure, serves its environment and country, its employees are happy and Expressing that it is a company in which he is at peace, he said, “These days have not come easily. Above all, this success has been achieved with the great devotion and efforts of our board of directors, the brave and determined steps on time, the superior efforts of our employees, and the increasing trust and support of our employees. This success would not have been achieved if one of the supports was missing. KARDEMİR, which produces 500 thousand tons per year, approached 20 million tons after 3,5 years. KARDEMİR, whose door is wanted to be locked, has now become a world company that has reached more than 6 times capacity ”.
Gulec also Turkey's only rail producer Kardemir again the needs of the automotive and machinery manufacturing industry first with a single manufacturer would railway wheels, which will produce high quality steel and stating that "low in Bar and Wire Rod Mill to be established and high-carbon steel, prestressed concrete steel, high alloy steels, bearing steels, automat steel, spring steels, welding wires, automotive steels and special bar steels will be produced. This investment is continuing and we plan to complete and commission it in the first half of this year. In addition, we will be completing the next phase of the 2016 Railway Wheel Factory, which is another ongoing investment of freight and passenger cars and locomotive wheels. Bun

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