D-400 Highway between Alifakı is being asphalted in Tarsus

In Tarsus, D-400 Highway between Alifakı is being asphalted: The 400-kilometer road between the D-12 highway Keloğlu bridge and Alifakı neighborhood in TARSUS was maintained by the highways teams.
Extension and improvement work was started on the road.
As the Regional Campus Prison, which is planned to be constructed near the Alifakı neighborhood (village) and is planned to be operated with a capacity of approximately 8 thousand prisoners, the authorities calculated that the road in question could not respond to the need, and started to work on the road.
Starting from D-400 highway Keloğlu bridge junction and ending at Alifakı neighborhood, the road which will serve as arrival and departure will be extended to normal standards.
The floor is completely 1. class will be covered with asphalt roadside safety strip will be located.
Works are planned to be completed in a short time Çalış



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