Taflana rail system to be built on the Metrobus line

Will Taflana rail system or metrobus line be built: Samsun Provincial Coordination Board March 2015 Meeting was chaired by Governor İbrahim Şahin.

At the meeting held in Samsun Governorship Investment Monitoring and Coordination Presidency meeting, the realization status of the investments made according to the reports received from the regional and provincial directorates and municipalities as of the date of March 2015 were evaluated.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Yurt's Atakum district of the rail system to be made in the region of Taflan can be metbrassed by the Governor Ibrahim Sahin entering the olan metropolitan municipality Taflan region by the rail system to be made very pleasing. However, you mentioned the metrobus here. All developed countries are now spreading to the cities as far as possible. It is necessary to carry out the studies to make the metrobus line to be constructed on this line like the rail system to be built in Tekkeköy district. The rail system, which looks like a cost to you today, will increase its cost maybe ten times in the coming period. Another issue that we should focus on is that our country has experienced a very serious problem in terms of electricity savings. It was almost a test for us. Electricity was given to Samsun due to dams in our city. 60 of electricity produced in our country is produced with natural gas cycle power plants ğin.

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