Spil Mountain Will Be A Tourist Center With Cable Car And Hotels

Spil Mountain Cable Car and Hotels will be a Tourism Center: Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs 4. Regional Manager Rahmi Bayrak, Spil Mountain National Park, planned to be done in the tender for the projects of the cable car, hotels and sports fields in April will be done by specifying the project, planned to be completed within three years will cost about $ 28 million, he said.
Manisa 2015 Year 2. The period was gathered under the chairmanship of the Deputy Governor Yakup Tat. Celal Bayar University Vice Rector Prof.Dr. Dr.
Muzaffer Tepekaya, Kaymakamlar, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Yilmaz Gencoglu, investor institutions and organizations participated with regional and provincial directors. Mr. Yakup Tat, the Deputy Governor, made the opening speech of the meeting. Konuş Welcome to the second Provincial Coordination Board meeting of the 2015 year, which aims to evaluate the implementation results of the 2015 investment program in our province and the coordination studies. 2015 public investment project has been implemented in our province according to the period reports of the investor organizations in the first period of January (January-February-March); For the projects, 299 million 2 thousand TL has been spent in previous years and 800 million 919 thousand TL allowance has been allocated. As of the end of the first period, 980 million 356 thousand TL appropriation was spent and 902 cash realization was realized. It is seen that the 70 of these projects is completed, the 129 is in progress, the 20 has been brought to the tender stage and the 59 project has not started yet Bu.
After the speech of the Deputy Governor Yakup Tat, public institutions and organizations informed about the public investments in their institutions in 2014 and their investments in the tender which were planned to be realized in 2015. Celal Bayar University Vice-Chancellor Muzaffer Tepekaya, the university's ongoing 10 investment, stating that, 57'in education, 2 health, 2 technology research and 1 in the sports sector, he said. The total cost of the investments 194 million 462 thousand pounds recorded Tepekaya, 111 million 180 thousand pounds of the previous years spending, stating that the 2015 year 33 million 110 thousand pounds expressed. Tepekaya stated that the tender for the Muradiye campus road was started and the works had started and demanded that the work done to solve this problem caused the power cuts in the campus.
Highways 2. Deputy Regional Director of the Regional Directorate Baki Çoban said that 2015 year targets 30 mileage divided road, make 139 mileage hot mix.
The shepherd built with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, the İzmir-Manisa State Highway Sabuncubeli Tunnel stated that the 4 bin 70 is a total length of 6 thousand 480 meters with a double tube tunnel and connection paths.
Çoban continued his speech as follows: ı While the thousand thousand 486 meters in the left tube and one thousand 564 meters in the right tube, the Koçoğlu Group of Companies undertook the construction of the tunnel construction and stopped working on the tunnel since 4 November 2014. Build-Operate-Transfer was excluded from the investment program. The business is annulled and it is planned to re-tender the Sabuncubeli Tunnel with the national budget. İş
Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs 4. Regional Manager Rahmi Bayrak, 3 said they continue their work since the year, the region reminded me of the province 4.
Emphasizing the presence of 1 national park, 2 nature park and 2 hunting in Manisa, Rahmi Bayrak realized that there are investments in 2 and a half million pounds, and it is aimed to increase the investment figures to 6 million by the end of the year. Flags stating that they are preparing the nature of the Master Plan, Kula said they were about to finish the planning. As a new project, Manisa Tulip, species protection action plan will be auctioned by specifying the next week, a booklet and action plan of the Manisa tulip said they will operate.
The first time in Manisa, the endangered wild cats were identified with photocapants, stating that the Soma side, this is done, he said.
Rahmi Bayrak gave information about the planned cable car and hotel projects to Spil. Bayrak said, “We will hold the tender for the cable car, hotels and sports fields projects that we plan to do in Spil Mountain National Park on April 28, 2015. The projects will lead Manisa to become a brand city and tourism city," he said. Bayrak said, “We are planning to serve with 6 and 8 gondolas in our ropeway project. After the tender, the route of the cable car route is also clear. kazanwill ache. We plan to complete the project in 3 years. All of our ropeway, hotels and sports fields projects will cost approximately 100 million TL.
The flag, Spil Mountain National Park about the projects they will do on the said:, Spil tent camping and day-to-day use, botanical park, rotation, especially cruise terrace, pond rehabilitation, rural houses and Manisa tale have projects on.,

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