Ski Team is Established by Mrs. Şalvarlı and the Elderly

konyaderbent aladag
konyaderbent aladag

Şalvarlı Hanım And The Elderly Ski Team Is Being Established: A ski team consisting of Şalvarlı ladies and the elderly is being established in Aladağ, the district of Derbent District, where work is carried out to make Konya a ski center.

2 thousand 385 altitude for the promotion of Aladag with ladies and bearded shalvarlı two ski teams will be established said. Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar, said in a statement, Konya's Winter Sports Center will be attacked for the promotion of Aladag said. Acar stated that they started to establish ski teams consisting of young girls with shawls and elderly people with beards for the promotion of Aladağ and said: “We are showing the best effort to introduce our Aladağ which is still covered with white cover in the summit and skirts in April. We are starting a new study to promote Aladağ. We are setting up a women's ski team consisting of shalvars and Derbent's ladies, and a ski team consisting of old pilgrims. These teams will contribute to the promotion of our region by sliding their special jerseys. Our teams participating in this contest, and the ski competitions will be held in the future, will bring to the fore the vision of Turkey Derbent Aladag, "he said.

Acar emphasized that the file they prepared for the Aladag Ski Center is evolving and the point to be declared as a tourism center, sun We will present our file to the Prime Minister to be declared a tourism center by the decision of the council of ministers. Ar

President Acar stated that the declaration of Aladağ as a tourism center will provide state support to investors who will invest in the region and will also speed up the process. Stating that a beginner track will be built in Aladağ in the first place, Acar noted that ski lovers will learn to ski with less falls due to the suitable ground and training and that they will have a good skiing pleasure.


On the other hand, Derbent Municipality will form two ski teams consisting of elderly ladies and women with shalvar after the town of Aladag'a young girls and elderly people came to the community among them, including the girls enjoyed skiing on the snow. Seniors with a cane in their hands created interesting images of the elderly and girls who enjoy skiing with sleds.

While the old and young girls emphasized that they want to be in the ski team to be set up, some of them stated that they want to learn and enjoy skiing with their skis. Old ski lovers added that they were looking forward to establishing a ski center in Aladağ.

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