Sabuncubeli Tunnel to be re-contracted with the National Budget

Sabuncubeli Tunnel Will Be Tendered Again With National Budget: Baki Çoban, Deputy Regional Director of Highways 2, said that the Manisa Sabuncubeli Tunnel, whose construction was halted in November 2014, will be re-tendered with the national budget in the coming months.
The 2015nd Term Meeting of the Manisa Provincial Coordination Board for 2 was held at the Şehzadeler District Governorship under the chairmanship of Deputy Governor Yakup Tat. Making the opening speech of the meeting, Deputy Governor Tat said that there are 299 public investment projects in the province and the total amount of them is 2 billion 800 million TL. Emphasizing that 59 of these investments have been completed, Tat said, “133 of them are still ongoing, 30 investments are at the tender stage. 77 projects have not started yet ”.
Following the speech of Deputy Governor Tat, the directors of the relevant institutions and organizations took the floor one by one and gave information about the investment programs for 2015. The most curious subject at the meeting was whether the construction of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel on the Izmir-Manisa State Highway, which was halted in November 2014, will continue. Speaking at the meeting as an investor organization, Baki Çoban, Deputy Regional Director of İzmir Highways, stated that they have 2 projects with a total cost of 1 billion 200 million TL in Manisa and said, “Currently completed project 17, number of ongoing projects 1, non-initiated projects 11, Our projects at the stage of 4. Izmir-Manisa State Highway Sabuncubeli Tunnel, which is tendered with the 'Build-Operate-Transfer' model, is a total of 1 thousand 4 meters with a 70 thousand 6 meters long double-tube tunnel and connection roads. While a progress of 480 meters in the left tube and 1486 meters in the right tube, Koçoğlu Group of Companies, which undertook the construction of the tunnel, stopped working in the tunnel on November 1564, due to payment difficulties. The business is excluded from the build-operate-transfer investment program. The job has been terminated and it is planned to be re-tendered with the national budget, ”he said.
In the rest of the meeting, the relevant managers of other investor organizations took the floor and gave information about the investment programs in 2015.



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