Russia establishes railway tangent to Ukraine

Russia builds a tangent railroad: Ukraine's Armed Forces Railways Division is reportedly beginning to build a two-way railway outside the borders of Ukraine. The new railway will connect Voronezh District and Rostov District.

Speaking to the Itar Tass News Agency on the matter, Deputy Defense Minister Dmitri Bulgakov said that he would check the construction process during his business visit to the Voronezh Region. Bulgakov said, “There is an important task before the soldiers. We will build a new railway that will not pass through the Ukrainian territory. ”

Deputy Minister stated that more than 360 military equipment was used during the works and about 900 people were employed.

As it is known, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, some railways remained within the borders of other states, which led to intergovernmental agreements. Within the boundaries of Kazakhstan, there are 800 railroads with a length of 11 kilometers and a railway with a length of 26 kilometers across the border with Ukraine.

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