Road Work from Bitlis Municipality

Road works from the Municipality of Bitlis: The municipality started work for potholes on roads during winter.
Municipal teams began to work to repair damaged roads. Damaged roads are repaired by patching the damaged asphalt roads. Bitlis Municipality began to work to repair the damaged roads in the main streets of the city.
In order to repair the damage on the asphalt road began to work in the recording of the Co-Mayor Hüseyin Olan Municipality, the city's many areas of the asphalt paved road damage said. Asphalt repair work started in the municipality of the city in various parts of the pits surrounding the pits of special machines ready to patch with ready made asphalt bags.
Hüsrevapaşa Neighborhood Pits occurring in the vicinity of the Tekli Housing Works will continue to repair the co-ordination of co-mayor Hüseyin Olan, said in a statement, due to heavy winter conditions, said they started to repair the deteriorating roads, both in the neighborhoods and streets and roads in the streets are largely destroyed, he said.
Our work will continue in the neighborhood. Co-Mayor Hüseyin Olan examined the road maintenance and repair works in the vicinity of the Tekli Houses in the neighborhood of Hüsrevpaşa in the neighborhood of the Hüsrevpaşa neighborhood.
. We have to repair the roads of the 2 floor and repair the hot springs. Our teams continue to patch and repair the road. Today, we started our road maintenance and repair works in the vicinity of Tekli Konutlar which is located in the Hüsrevpaşa neighborhood. After we finish here, we will continue to work in all places. Hopefully, we will repair all the roads that have become a mole and offer it to our people. Al

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