Road Traffic Safety Action Plan Coordination Meeting

Coordination Meeting of Highway Traffic Safety Action Plan: The road traffic safety action plan coordination board meeting established within the scope of trafik Highway traffic safety strategy and action plan gerçekleştiril was held under the chairmanship of the governor mustafa Büyük.
In Adana, the Road Traffic Safety Action Plan Coordination Board meeting, which was established within the scope of “Road Traffic Safety Strategy and Action Plan di, was held under the chairmanship of Governor Mustafa Büyük.
The meeting was held at the Governor's Meeting Hall and the members of the board of directors, consisting of representatives of the public and non-governmental organizations, attended the meeting.
According to the decisions taken in the meeting; In the first three months of 2015, traffic audits, training activities, accident statistics are examined in Adana, the drivers in traffic, the most important cause of accidents, excessive speed, alcoholic driving, crossing priority at the intersections and mobile phone calls to make violations In spite of all the measures taken, it was emphasized the importance of wearing a seat belt and the adoption of helmets by citizens.
Students, commercial vehicle driver, private vehicle driver and pedestrians 37.945 people are given training on traffic safety in the meeting, by the civilian personnel assigned by the police directorate of the province of Adana and public transportation vehicles between the districts and public transportation vehicles to the fee It was decided to start the audit activities and to start the studies to eliminate the deficiencies determined for the problems of commercial taxi shopkeepers.
The members of the Board, due to the negative events experienced in the public transport in the public transport; public transportation vehicles, security cameras and emergency panic button for the safety of citizens wearing, the subject of psycho-technical testing and training, and the use of drugs, indicating that they have addressed issues such as the document, the Metropolitan Municipality in this regard made a presentation on the work done at the next meeting .
The meeting was selected by selecting pilot regions for pedestrians, making decisions about the use of pedestrian crossings by the University of Science and Technology, the Metropolitan Municipality and the Police Department. .

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 18:09

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