Historic Bada Bridge Restored

Historic Bada Bridge is Restored: The historic Bada Bridge, which is registered as a cultural asset to be protected by the Konya Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Board, is being restored in Beyşehir district.
The historical bridge, which is located in the district of Bayavşar, which is located within the boundaries of the district, was closed to traffic due to the danger of life and property security. Highways, related to the Bada Bridge, which were decided to be restored in order to eliminate the damages that occurred after the vehicle was closed to traffic. Regional Directorate started work.
After the tender by the highways, the company started the restoration work that was started by the company and it was concluded that it had reached the stage of completion. While the traffic flow started from the service road extending parallel to the historical bridge, the restoration works that started last year came to the last stage.
200 is expected to be completed within the calendar day and the bridge is expected to be reopened after the completion of the bridge.



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