Mirror Technical Committee Meeting of Railway Applications

Railway Applications Mirror Technical Committee Meeting: The newly established MTC 145 "Railway Applications" Mirror Technical Committee meeting in TSE. DATEM Operations Manager Güven Kandemir, Destructive-Non-Destructive Testing Manager Atila Keskin, Technical Bureau Supervisor E. Hakan Günel and Chief Engineer Çetin Tekin and authorized personnel from ASELSAN and SIEMENS companies were hosted and coordinated by TSE.

MTC 256 "Railway Applications", which works within CEN-CENELEC and will give opinion on the standards prepared and revised by the CEN / TC 145 "Railway Applications" Technical Committee, whose secretariat is responsible for the publication of standards related to the railway sector, and will exercise its voting right in the process of issuing standards. At this first meeting of the Mirror Technical Committee, voting was held for the Committee Chairman and Deputy Chairman. As a result of the voting, E. Hakan Günel, who was the Technical Bureau Chief of the DATEM Operation Directorate, and Çetin Tekin, who was working in the same Directorate, were elected as the Vice President.



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