Radical Decisions for Uşak Traffic

Radical Decisions were Taken for Usak Traffic: Mayor Nurullah Cahan stated that the projects were about to end in order to find a permanent solution for the traffic that is the most frequently complained issue in the city.
Approximately 110 thousand car traffic in Usak. The traffic problem comes at the top of the list that most of the citizens complain about in Uşak, which is one of the cities that use the highest number of vehicles every day. Uşak Municipality has rolled up its sleeves for radical solutions. The municipality prepared projects to relieve the traffic both in urban and inter-city roads.
Accordingly, the main roads in the city center will be rearranged. Following the asphalting of Zübeyde Hanım Street and its use, Garanti Bank and 1. Road and pavement arrangements between Pırlanta Street will be rearranged to ensure ease of use. The northern and southern ring roads in the city will be completed in 2015. On the other hand, the road flow will be further accelerated and road safety will be further increased by making 2 units on the Ankara highway.
Mayor Nurullah Cahan stated that they are working on permanent solutions in traffic in Usak and said traf We are working in a versatile way to make the traffic which is one of the bleeding wounds of our city in every sense the most comfortable U. Therefore, he said that they planned the future of the city and said: Cah Our aim is to be brand and beautiful with every aspect of our city in the future. First of all, we have made progress in our big projects in order to pave the way for the congestion of our city and to create new living spaces. Projects such as the Urban Transformation Project and the City Park Project will ooze the problem of jamming our city in the center. State institutions will be replaced and busy main streets will increase. In this way, we will get long-term results in traffic. Te
Cahan, who reminds that the works in the city center are still working on the roads, stated that they would make a start with Zübeyde Hanım Street. Cahan, miş Zübeyde Hanim Caddemiz with the main arteries in the expected work will be given the start. This street will be paved. It will also become extremely modern for the use of traffic and pedestrians. With the work going on until the municipality, our street will also have a modern look. With the end of our street, we will work on our other main streets. Our projects are ready. In addition, the traffic flow from the middle of the İsmetpaşa Street and the movement of the pedestrians taking care of Garanti Bank range 1. We completed our project on Pırlanta Street for road and pavement arrangement. Soon the work will begin here, Yakında he said.
On the way through Izmir Ankara Highway, tens of thousands of vehicles passed each day, Cahan said that they made the projects and they came to the stage of execution. Cahan underlined that the two sinks would be beneficial on the road and added: şunlar İzmir Ankara Highway is one of the busiest roads. This road is added to the city traffic, especially at certain hours of danger and traffic is a danger. After that, we have been working continuously. Transportation plans and the future of the road laid on the table. As a result, we thought that two sinking outputs would be useful. We prepared the project of the output model that we prepared at the Otogar Junction and Stadium Junction and we started our discussions with the relevant institutions Ot
President Cahan, who gave information about the roads, said, veren In the center of our city, the north and south are working on the highway. These roads will be finished in 2015 and our citizens can easily go to the hospital, the courthouse and the places they want without entering the city center. 2015 announces the construction of the site in the year of the north and south ring road will accelerate our city. On the other hand, the ring road our government is still continuing. With the end of this road, our city traffic will be more relaxed. In the long run, we will not talk about the traffic problem in Uşak once the bus terminal is finished. U



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