Fast train tunnel was placed on top of the TOKI

TOKİ was placed on the high-speed train tunnel: Mass Housing Administration built the 724 housing on the high-speed train tunnel at Bozüyük. TOKI did not conduct any study. According to experts, this is risky for both homes and high-speed trains.

Nowhere in the world, there is no housing on the high-speed train. Professor Zerrin Bayraktar states that the tunnel was built before the housing project and draws attention to the danger of the load.

According to the news of Meydan Newspaper, the place where the houses were built in Bilecik Bozüyük was previously a mine. The municipality spilled excavations for the residences. There was a ground shift when construction started. Despite this, construction continued.

Mass Housing Administration (TOKI), Bilecik built the housing of 724 units on the high speed train tunnel in Bozüyük district. 5 June The housing project, which started on 2013, has reached the stage of completion. TOKI housing, built on the high-speed train tunnel and workers in the construction of the construction of the train passing by the train claimed to be shaken the citizens were uneasy.


Where the houses in Bozüyük were built, there was a mine before. The mine was shut down due to Tünel and TOKİ studies. Tunnel excavation was dumped in the area where mass housing will be built. Then there was a shift in the ground when construction works started in this area. 26 August 2013 the construction of the interruption of the period upon the Deputy Bozuz Deputy Mayor Oguz Sertler, excavation was completely cleaned, the construction will continue, he said. 7 February 2015 press release on the allegations that the Bozüyük Mayor Fatih Bakici, high-speed train pass under the expressions of cracking and cracking in the statements that the purpose of defamation, he explained.


13 April 2015 on sale in the TOKI housing and on-site inspection is prohibited to see. The guards are checking all entrances to the area where the houses are built. The housekeeper said that it is forbidden to conduct inspections in residences, that the construction is not yet finished, and that the houses will end in December 2015. On the other hand, AKP Bilecik deputy and former KIT Commission Chairman Dr. The advertisements of TOKI residences made by Fahrettin Poyraz's initiatives were announced in the local media as girişim TOKI with high-speed train views F.


The tunnel 26 under the Ahmetpınar Village of Bilecik Bozüyük had collapsed as a result of the landslide in the year 2009. During the collapse, the 33 million-euro tunnel-boring machine was left below the 40 meter. Due to the collapse of the tunnel, the train passes through the old train line.

“HOUSING CANNOT BE MADE unless it is compulsory”

Geological Engineer Hüseyin Alan: The Chairman of the Board of TMMOB Board of Geological Engineers Hüseyin Alan says that geological-geotechnical research was not done adequately and the results were not evaluated well in the case of partial shifts and excavation of the excavation area. As long as it is not mandatory anywhere in the world, the train crossing point does not have any housing. He states that if the houses are not constructed in a way that is resistant to the dynamic effect created by the high-speed train, there may be cracks and breakages in the buildings. In the reports of the Court of Accounts, there are many geological-geotechnical problems in the tunnels under construction in Bozüyük-Pamukova and it is noted that these tunnels could not be completed due to the inadequacies in the project and inspection processes.

"Couldn't find another place to be built?"

Transport Specialist Dr. Zerrin Bayrakdar: Highlighting the official sources of the high-speed train line indicating that the Transport Specialist. Dr. Zerrin Bayrakdar, the information they have learned from the media is limited to what they say. Iyor Didn't the TOKİ find another place to build housing? Bayrak Bayrakdar points out that the load on the tunnel will increase. Since the housing and the living center are built after the tunnel, it warns that their balance on the tunnel will change.



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