The Mayor of Dudullu-Bostancı Metro from Topbaş

The Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Kadir Topbaş, who attended the opening of AK Party Umraniye District Presidential Election Coordination Center, gave the good news that Dudullu-Bostancı Metro line will be completed and opened to service as soon as possible after the 15 days.
AK Party Umraniye District Presidency Election Coordination Center, the Minister of Environment and Urbanization and the AK Party Istanbul 1'un Nominee Idris was opened with the participation of Güllüce'nin. Minister Güllüce, the AK Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman Selim Temurci, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Kadir Topbas, Umraniye Mayor Hasan Can, Istanbul 1'ün candidates and many parties attended the party. After the opening by the party, the carnations were distributed to the citizens.
Minister Güllüce criticized the opposition's electoral work and said, N 7 is in the June elections with a thousand 100 hours left. Thousands of 100 after an hour, this nation will have decided. He would say; I voted for the AK Party. You just promised to distribute. You have promised to distribute what you have established on the table which is only provided by AK Party. The AK Party, on the other hand, to distribute it, to grow and promised bigger projects. 7 June Day together here we will play horon, halay will approve and the whole world will play with us, he said.
Stating that they have achieved successful works in the government and local administration for more than 12 years, Topbaş said, “Let's see if there is a window to look back. My dear brothers and sisters, in 4-5-storey buildings, contractors were writing the following text, it was writing as a luxury flat with booster. There was no water in the 4-storey building, now there is no water problem in skyscrapers. What we were, what we have become You've had them you are living in a period in which tabled the fate of Turkey at the moment. Everything is said, everything is discussed. Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu said that I will pay 2009 liras when I come to Istanbul in 600. He says that even if I come to power, you will see what we will do in four years. God forbid. If he gave 100 liras each, he would say here is an example. We are putting such a management, "he said.
Topbaş continued as follows: “In the past, there were politicians in this country who said that they would build a port in Kayseri. Could it be a dream that the metro would come to Ümraniye? Could you think In the past, I am telling the former living. We couldn't even imagine it. This is how it developed as a village. "
Giving the good news of a new subway line at the opening, Topbaş said, “Dudullu-Bostancı Metro, whose subway construction will be made 15 days later. I hope we will lay the foundation this year. This selection center, the liaison office, is actually your headquarters. Make your decision accordingly. Ideological obsessions, supporters as if holding a football team ruin the country. It leads to boredom. I see in the reputation of the countries I visit Turkey at the moment. It is in your hands to become stronger, tomorrow is in your hands. Good luck "he said.

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