Police take precautions on level crossings (Photo Gallery)

The police are taking precautions at the level crossings: After the trains were stoned by the children in the Turgutlu district of MANİSA, the police began to take measures at the crossing stages of the train.

At least during the transit hours of the train, the 3 returns to normal duty after passing through the civilian police train pass trying to take precautions at the level crossings. In the past years, the stones of the train were broken with stones thrown by the children, the police started to take measures. Last Sunday night Uşak - İzmir train was stopped at Turgutlu Train Station where train stopped to take passengers, train's mechanic was injured.

On Wednesday, at the time of the 18.00, a police officer in the TOKI level crossing was disabled by a police officer who was sitting on the railroad tracks while the civilian police for the train pass.

In general, the train stating that there are small children in the neighborhood residents of the mentally stoned trains sometimes said that the citizens.

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