High-speed train to the Black Sea

Good news for the high speed train to the Black Sea: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Enver Yılmaz announced that the Ministry of Transport is conducting a feasibility study for the implementation of the high speed train project in Ordu. Yılmaz said that if the works go well, the high-speed train project can be tendered in 2018-2019.

Stuck between Samsun and Trabzon throughout the history of the Republic, unable to find economic and social development opportunities, Ordu has been encouraged by the investments it has received in the field of transportation in recent years. Ordulular broke its shell in the last 10 years with the investments made in transportation areas such as coastal road, airport, ring road, Ordu-Sivas (Black Sea-Mediterranean road) and Ünye Ring Road. In addition to these investments of the government, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality started the work of making hot asphalt by repairing the roads of the rural areas throughout the province, which opened the eyes of the people of Ordu. While all the representatives of political and civil institutions agree that the biggest need of the Army is the high-speed train, Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Enver Yılmaz sprinkled the hearts of the people of Ordu with his statement.


In his statement, Enver Yılmaz said that the high-speed train project, which will bring Samsun to Ankara in 2 hours, whose studies are completed and the tender is expected to be made, will most likely be put into operation in 2019. Stating that the Ministry of Transport is still doing a feasibility study for the Samsun-Bolaman (Fatsa) line, Yılmaz said that the high speed train coming to Bolaman could meet the needs of Ordu.


Yılmaz said, “The high-speed train project on the Samsun-Ankara line will probably take place until 2019. The Ministry maintains very positively the high speed train feasibility studies between Bolaman and Samsun. Some people say "why don't you bring the high speed train to Ordu Merkez". If the high-speed train comes to Bolaman, we will move Ordu to Bolaman. 15 minutes between Fatsa and Ordu. If the high-speed train comes to Bolaman, the high-speed train will come to the very center of Ordu. High speed train arrival to Bolaman meets the needs of the Army. A feasibility study is still in progress. I guess that the Bolaman-Samsun route will be tendered in 2018-2019, ”he said.

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