April profit increases Davrazda snow thickness

Davraz wife in April increased the snow depth: 4 days in Isparta is effective snowfall, snow depth of Turkey's major ski resorts has led to the rise in Davraz of up to 140 centimeters.

Turkey's Davraz 4 days is the most important ski centers that are effective snowfall, snow depth at the center led to the increase.

Snowfall, which has been effective in Isparta for 4 days, has increased the snow thickness in Davraz Ski Center at the altitude of 2 thousand 635 in the east of the city. The snow thickness, which fell to 110 centimeters on weekdays, reached 140 centimeters with the last rainfall.

In the center, which attracts ski lovers and daily visitors with the increase in snow thickness, 13 of the 8 tracks are open. Those who want to ski and snowboard spend time at an altitude of 2 thousand 300, with mechanical facilities, while daily visitors preferred to slide on the lower tracks in the hotels area.