40 centimeter snow in Kartepe in April

April Kartepe 'de 40 centimeters profit: become one of the most important winter tourism centers of Turkey and the 1850 meters with Samanli Mountains is located at the highest peak in the region in Kartepe, although April has still 40 inches of snow. Last night and today snow is seen in the area of ​​the hotel in the area of ​​the ski slopes can be made with the snow fill.

Sapanca Lake and Izmit Bay at the same time at the same time Green Park Resort Hotel in Kartepe, including the air temperature has fallen to below zero. While it is raining to the sea level in the region, it has been snowing since yesterday in the lower part of the summit. In the last 5 year-long Kartepe, where snow is found for the first time in April, the runways of Geyikalanı and Kartepe are held in the 17 ski slope in the hotel district. Although the snow thickness in the region is normally 40 inches, the areas where these runways are located have been filled with snow and made suitable for skiing. Especially in the weekend, the Kartepe Ski Center, where there is more interest, is able to ski during the week.

Saying that snowfall continues in Kartepe from time to time, Green Park Hotel Food and Beverage Manager Dursun Deniz said, “We had a long winter season. From time to time, it snows here. Our ski tracks are open and the snow thickness on our tracks is about 1.5 meters. Our tracks are suitable for skiing. Although it is April, our ski season still continues. This year the season has been very good. Snow is expected next Thursday and Friday. The ski season will continue in Kartepe, ”he said.