Lower and Overpasses in Nigde

Upper and Lower Passages to Niğdeye: State Railways 2. Regional Directorate and Regional Directorate of Highways Kayseri technical team, Niğde Municipality demanded sub-passages and sub-passages to be done on the site to make in-situ investigations in Niğde.

At the junction of Niğde DİTAŞ and the underpasses that will be built on the railway track passing through the old industrial zone and the pedestrian overpasses to be constructed on the Bor road, the technical team and the meetings were held after the examinations.

Niğde Mayor Faruk Akdoğan met with State Railways 2. Regional Manager Şahabettin Gedikli in a series of visits to Ankara last week and held talks on underground and overpasses that also concern railways.


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