Nazillide Connected with Two Neighborhood Suspension Bridges

Nazilide Two Districts Suspended Bridge: Nazilli Municipality, passing through the city center on the Dereköy River by connecting two neighborhoods that make the bridge to the pedestrian bridge, the Republic and the residents of the neighborhood Yeşilyurt provided ease of transition.
In the past days, the Mayor of the Republic of Turkey visited the head of the Republican Mehmet Mehmet Mehmet Ozmen and Muhammed Irfan Teyfur, the Mayor of Yesilyurt District, made a request for the construction of a bridge over the Derekoy Stream passing between two neighborhoods. Yeşilyurt and the pedestrian crossing to the district of the Republic of the bridge or the state railway bridge over the state is made by the muhtars that the distance between the two transit points 300 meters because of the loss of time as well as the state road and railroad bridges in the life of the life of the bridges that they live on the Nazilli Mayor Haluk Alıcık The 300 meter spacing between the two pass lines instructed the construction of a pedestrian connection bridge between two passages.
In accordance with the instructions of Mayor Haluk Alıcık, Nazilli Municipality Science Works Directorate completed the necessary preliminary works and completed the construction of the suspension bridge bearing the characteristics of the 5 pieces of suspended pedestrian bridges on the Dereköy Stream passing through the middle of Nazilli. The construction of the 17 meter-long 2 meter-wide steel-profile carcass, including the railings, was completed by the Nazilli Municipality, and the sixth bridge with the wood-clad, including the railings, was completed. Thanks to the suspension bridge, which cost about 30 thousand TL, it was facilitated in the transition between two neighborhoods of the citizens living in Yeşilyurt and Cumhuriyet Quarter.

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