Contractor TCDDye riot

Contractors from Turkish Railways phot rebellion: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 6. The contractor, who has been awarded the housing contract opened by the Regional Directorate, complained to the Prime Ministry Communications Center (BİMER) on the grounds that the additional works were done for the extra contract. Contractor determined according to the unit prices of the 64 thousand pounds 27 thousand pounds can not collect a portion of the contractor is preparing to apply to court.
According to information received, TCDD 6. Aslıhan Çevik, who participated in the tender held for the lodgings in August last year by the Directorate of Real Estate and Construction Services of the Regional Directorate, won the tender which was closed envelope procedure. After the contract was won by the contractor Çevik, the business was increased. Aslıhan Çevik, who completed all the works in September, cut his invoice in October. The Real Estate and Construction Service Department paid 1 thousand pounds for the contract. However, he did not pay for the jobs that were added later.

Aslıhan Çevik, the contractor, told him kendis You complete the job. We will make the payment. Said, ız So, the amount was not said. They didn't do the discovery when they were doing this. They don't cut a bill on the extra work I do. I just cut the bill for the price I wrote in the contract. But they don't cut bill for the additional work I do. They say they don't pay. 'If we pay we can not account for the state' they say. I applied to the Prime Ministry Communication Center (BIMER). After bimer Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), he said head of research and Supervisory Board will direct an inspector. Chief inspector is here. Metrics of the works were removed. According to the public works pose and unit prices, 64 thousand pounds were determined and a record was kept accordingly. Although the price of the 117 thousand pounds in the expert report, we agreed to 64 thousand liras. They had to pay the remaining 27 thousand pounds. But they said they would not pay again Ama.

Aslıhan Çevik, due to this job is a lot of debt to the transfer, borç I could not do anything for him. I'm trying to stand up for small jobs, but this is a big shock for my business. I am also a big disappointment to the market because I am a new entrepreneur. Ayrıca
Noting that many times before doing business with TCDD said Çevik, ağ Again, but I gave them the rights to cut, I was right when I was right. There hasn't been such a break. I haven't had a month in 8. There is no more call, I will apply to the court now, Çar he said.

Contractors debiting the market and therefore unable to do business Agile Agile, is preparing to move to the court.

Information about the claims of the Real Estate and Construction Service Directorate officials said that they pay Aslihan Agile, it is not possible to make more payments said. Authorities, the inspector has made a short while ago, but they do not report any report, if a report if there is a missing payment will fix it, he said.

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