Description of the Ministry of Marmaray

Ministry of Marmaray description: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry, "Marmaray Money Fight" regarding the allegations, "with the company performing the construction work 'money fight' to talk about a situation like entering a great injustice both to Turkey for this giant project" the statement said.

In a written statement from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, it is reported that it is necessary to make a statement on a news article titled 'Money Fight in Marmaray yer.

The statement, the ministry, Marmaray construction company related to the construction work, especially to compensate for the delays caused by archaeological excavations, the work specified in the contract on the completion of 29 2013 October XNUMX endorsed the efforts and measures taken to accept and appreciate said.

However, for each job in the contract described in the contract there is a method based on the statement that the cost of the alleged cost to be converted into payment of the required content and qualified information, documents and documentation should be presented to the administration underlined.

The statement, indicating that this method is only made in the framework of the principles of cost assessment in numerous international projects, not specific to Turkey, was made the following statements.

, It is not possible for our Ministry to make payments based on information, documents and documents. In order to accelerate this process, the Administration, the Consultant and the contractor negotiate in order to determine the cost accurately and technically in order to determine the most practical methods. Making business with the company that performs the "fight money" in such a situation to talk about to be entered is a great injustice both to Turkey for this huge project. In case of failure to reach an agreement by the parties concerned, it is foreseen that the legal remedies, including arbitration, are clear, as envisaged in the contract.

This procedure of the statement that the routine processes encountered in all things, where the public not reflected to the study of like you have a special occasion and Turkey is revealing the attempt to appear as if they're unfair practices on an international issue were recorded.



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