Door with metrobusting guarantee

The door that guarantees seating in the metrobus: There is a question that does not come to our mind during the rush hour, but when we stand in front of the yellow line at that cruel metrobus stop, you know; "I wonder which door should I get through?" Considering this, Poltio again signed one of the interesting surveys and asked "Which door guarantees seating in the Metrobus?" she asked…

One of the common problems of everyone living in Istanbul is finding a place to sit in the metrobus. The general opinion on the people of Istanbul is that no matter which door they get on, they will survive. However, if the BRTs have to make a choice, a door stands out. Poltio 5531 was able to identify that door with a questionnaire that the person answered. Here are the results of the research that should not be missed for those who will get on the metrobus this evening.

Lowest chance. The distance from the driver's seat to the seats is very long and full of dangers. If you do not have a chance to be the first to enter the Metrobus is not possible to sit. Already one thousand and one of the first seats in the struggle to cross the road and if you manage to sit at one stop you can continue that maximum. Because everyone knows that space is the area of ​​Aunt Metrobus. For the aunts who enter into the metrobus by pushing any obstacle planted in front of the poufla and oflaya, the seat with the right of the first seat behind the driver and one and a half butt area with its back on the front wheel is considered a medal of honor. Do you know what the sun set, for the sake of that seat or the Lord?

After realizing the impossibility of the front door, you moved towards the middle door, but you lost again. You are at the spot with the densest crowd. Just as you cannot enter Mordor by walking like that, you cannot get on the middle door and sit on the seat. As soon as the doors are opened, the crowd, who rushes into the walls like the Janissaries, does not pass. You get such shoulders thrown, you get kicked so much that you are surprised that Rugby is not our national sport.

If you're gonna try any door, that door, that door. Metrobus aunts are not interested in this region. This chances are rising. Your only hope here is the two-seater in the back. Our advice is to position you on the left side of the door and throw yourself to the left as soon as the door is opened. Surely those who do this at the same time as you. Remember, there is only one rule of survival in the BRT. No mercy.

Sorry if you didn't get on the first stop at noon on weekdays, if you haven't become as cruel as a member of a mid-sized Mexican drug gang, can't very successfully pretend to be pregnant or veteran, you're not a BRT veteran, we're sorry, there's no door on the metrobus that guarantees you a seat. You're not the 33 percent of the BRT vigilante. Even if you are Rıza Zarraf and give 1 million TL, you cannot buy lodges from the metrobus.

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