Metrobus doping to Beylikdüzü

Metrobus doping to Beylikdüzü: Metro and metrobus, which provides great convenience in public transportation, also multiply the value of the regions it goes. One of these regions is Beylikdüzü. Akkus Group Chairman Abdulkadir Akkus, the square meter prices already 3-4 thousand said.

The metrobus and metro line, which the government provides to ease public transportation from one end to the other, also increases the value of the regions it goes to. One of them is Beylikdüzü. The metrobus extended from the Anatolian side to Beylikdüzü and the metro line from İncirli to TÜYAP have already increased the square meter prices in the district between 3-4 thousand liras. Construction companies are also evaluating this interest with their investments. Akkus Group is one of these investors. Akkus Group President Abdülkadir Akkuş, who announced that they will start new projects of 48 houses in addition to the 26 and 200 houses they previously built in Beylikdüzü, will have built a total of 100 million TL investment for three projects and 274 houses in total.
Abdülkadir Akkuş, who said that there has been a value increase of approximately 40 percent in the region in the last year, also gave information about real estate for rent and sale. Akkuş said the following: “Let's say a 150-square-meter house is between 420-450 thousand TL, now prices are up to 550, 600 and 650 thousand TL. This also ranges from the house's goodwill to the north and south facade. Rents have also increased, 1 + 1's are no less than a thousand liras. 2 + 1s are now finding buyers for one thousand 300-400 liras. " He said that they have completed the Alya Residence 48 project, which consists of 8 flats and 1 shops in the district, will now start the second and third project and will invest a total of 100 million TL.
Demand for interest declined
Abdulkadir Akkuş said that the Central Bank's gradual reduction of the interest rate to 10 percent to 7.50 percent stimulated the demand, and said that there was an increase in housing buyers coming to sales offices. Akkuş continued as follows: “The interest rates should not exceed 0.80 percent in the demand we also see from our customers. There is a problem when it exceeds 0.90. The sales stop when someone passes anyway. "


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