Long Tails Occurred When Metrobus Fail

Long Tails Occurred when the Metrobus Malfunctioned: A metrobus carrying the Avcilar-Zincirlikuyu voyage malfunctioned while approaching the Okmeydanı stop
A metrobus carrying the Avcilar-Zincirlikuyu expedition failed while he was approaching the Okmeydanı station. Breaking out of the metrobus citizens walk on the metrobüslerte while walking, metrobus long queues occurred on the way
A metrobus carrying out the Avcilar-Zincirlikuyu expedition in the morning in Istanbul failed for an unknown reason. Metrobus citizens from the Metrobus walk from behind the other metrobüs enters. Due to the fault, long queues were formed on the road of metrobus and after a short time the metrobus road was reopened.

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