Description of Former Minister Binali Yıldırımdan Marmaray

Former Minister Binali Yildirimdan Marmaray: Transport, communication and maritime minister of the period Binali Yildirim, 'Marmaray'da 200 additional cost of a million dollars, "Of course there is a cost increase. However, Taisei exaggerated. There's nothing to be solved. Settlement account is made, the resulting difference is paid. If Taisei does not accept the determined difference, then the zaman arbitration kabul door opens.

Binali Yıldırım, Transport, Communications and Maritime Minister of the TIME gathered the representatives of the consortium who took over the Marmaray project in January 2013, and gathered the representatives of the Japanese Taisei, Gama and Nurol.
- It will be opened on October 29, 2013. The consortium partners, especially the Japanese Taise, reminded and challenged some of the articles in the contract: - We faced obstacles that slowed the business. In this case, we have time until 2016 according to the contract. Yıldırım insisted: - Marmaray will end on the date we say. Taisei official laid down the “additional cost” condition:
- Marmaray ends on October 29, 2013, raises the cost. Then you should compensate for this cost. Otherwise we cannot.


  • Finish Marmaray on the date we say, or take your jacket right away. We complete the project by ourselves.
    The consortium officials asked for a few days, then decided:
  • Okay, the project will come into service at the date you call it. However, you can also help us to cover additional costs.
    Lightning remedies reminded the calculation method:
  • We make mutual pen pencil checking at each stage of the work. When the work is done, we sit and calculate. If there is a difference, we will do it.
    The last stop of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's trip to Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania was at the hotel where we stayed in Bucharest, and I asked Binali Yıldırım about the additional cost that came up with Şükrü Küçükşahin's article:
  • Japanese Taisei also sent a letter to President Erddogan, requesting the payment of the 200 million dollar early completion bill in Marmaray. Will it be paid?
    Yildirim transferred the meeting held in January 2013 and added:
  • Of course there is a cost increase. However, Taisei exaggerated.
  • What's the difference?
  • I can't say numbers without looking at the accounts.
    The Ministry returned to the day when he left office:
  • The Minister of the Minister after me to leave the task, an additional cost in Marmaray reported that the issue would come up.
    As he walked the project, he recalled that Japanese Taisei had gone to im arbitration ”in the meantime:
  • While calculating progress payment at various stages of the work, Taisei did not accept the figures. We called Taisei's right at ”arbitration ın in the moments when we said” this is the figure Biz.
    At the present stage, ey ​​arbitration ”could not go to:

  • Obviously there was a communication gap between the Ministry and the consortium. The ministry has not yet told Taisei, öd We are not paying additional costs Bakanlık. For that reason, ”arbitration k cannot be raised.
  • Is the solution possible?
  • There's nothing to be solved. Settlement account is made, the resulting difference is paid. If Taisei does not accept the difference, then the z arbitration fark door opens.
    Japanese Taisei wants 200 million dollars difference, the Minister of the period finds that the figure is milyon exaggerated,.
    In this case, it is understood that "arbitration" may come to the agenda.


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