Manisada attack on train Makinist injured on attack

Attack on train in Manisa Machinist was injured: The train, which made the Uşak-İzmir expedition, was attacked with stones while stopping at Turgutlu Station. The train driver of the train was injured in the attack.

According to the information received, the train number 31620 from Uşak to İzmir was attacked with stony ground at the Turgutlu Station, where it stopped to take down and board passengers.

Machinist Mehmet Salih Meydan, who hit one of the stones thrown in the attack, was injured. The square was transferred to Turgutlu State Hospital after the intervention at the scene.

The train continued on its way after the mechanic Meydan was discharged 1 hour later.

On the other hand, it was learned that Turgutlu District Police Department teams detained HD (16) and E.K (16) about the incident.

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