The people of Malatya have a trampus

Malatya people appeared to have TRAMBUS: TRAMBUS of the Turkey project in Malatya and Malatya Municipality, indicating that the pride of the Turkish Secretary General Arif Emecen engineering; Dık We received positive responses from the public on Trambus. Our people came out with a trampus, did not respect the smear campaign, Halk he said.

Malatya Municipality, entered the agenda of both Turkey and the urban public transport sector by launching a first TRAMBUS evaluated projects in Turkey. However, on Sunday, 15 burned a trambus partially due to a breakdown in the contactor system during a test run on Sunday. After the incident, the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality and the trambus project were heavily criticized by some circles, and even those who turned it into a campaign to scribble trambles. We talked with Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Arif Emecen about the project:

Why Malatya preferred trambles, can we start here?

When selecting modes of transport, the population of that city and future population projection values ​​and travel characteristics are also taken into account. We did this as Malatya Metropolitan Municipality. Firstly, the current population and future population projection were examined. The second important criterion was that it was economic and sustainable. The third criterion was that it was green. The fourth criterion was the physical conditions of the city. So, are the streets wide or narrow, there are underpass-overpass, bridge, physical conditions, such features. As a result, these four basic criteria were viewed from a unified and integrated point of view. The trambus project emerged as the right solution, and for the future periods, trambus was preferred in public transportation.


Did you have a rail system?

Yes, one of the options was the light rail system project. 'We are looking at the economic and physical conditions in Malatya and taking into consideration the public transport mode selection criteria, we can realize a light rail system project that works in 100 percent full or mixed traffic'. We looked at the width of the avenues, the culture of car use there. As it was not possible to create a 100 percent fully allocated area for a light rail system in its current state as a whole, it was not a sustainable solution considering the criteria I mentioned earlier. In this context, the trambus project was seen as a solution that does not require road access and full allocation but also does not offer the quality and features of the light rail system in terms of management and users. There were other features that were not in the light rail system but were in trambus; infrastructure costs and operating costs were much lower than light rail.

So how much has the total cost of the trambus project?

The Trambus project was contracted to around 20 million euros. We have an 20 mile line, an 12 vehicle. In the coming period, we will extend our line. We are also currently working on an additional project; We plan to put a battery in the 1,5-2 tone on our vehicles, there is an area of ​​7 kilometers in the city center, we are planning to cross the catenary, not only as the region, but only with a battery, it will be like a by-pass line. In terms of energy efficiency, the cost is reduced by two thirds. When we look at the energy savings, the vehicle pays 8 annually.


15 A trambus burned in March and all attention was turned into Malatya. As the Metropolitan Municipality, you have received intense criticism from some circles, and even those who have turned the business into a scam campaign. How did the people of Malatya look at it?

The people of Malatya looked at it accidentally as an accident. We did not respect the scribe campaign. There was a silent majority against those who made that smear campaign. We listened to the people of Malatya. There is a saying, 'People are the enemy of what they do not know'. Unfortunately, the ones who opposed the Trambus were opposed to the municipal administration in Malatya. Some media also like to speculate on such issues. However, if they waited for the result of the technical examination, a little bit of patience would have taken a more accurate attitude. Such events can happen anywhere in the world. This happened in the test phase. After that, we will determine what we should do in order to prevent such malfunctions and to put our findings into practice in our existing vehicles.

So, what kind of an investigation was made after the incident?

We have collected all the technical delegations of domestic and foreign. Look, nowhere is there a technical team from Germany. Without any intervention they wanted to determine the cause of that accident. We have a report on how the incident took place. Germany also came from TÜV'de authorized. Within the framework of their security approval, we re-opened the trambles.

Did they detect the problem that caused the burn?

Yes, they did. There was a technical problem caused by an arc of the contactor on the contact.

Was the problem with the contactor a maintenance problem?

No. It is not a maintenance-related problem. Chairs are not daily-controlled devices in daily maintenance planning. Maintenance is done in certain periods.

What measures will you take to prevent this from happening again?

In addition to the existing warning and prevention systems on Trambus, we will take additional new measures to the 3. 'What are these three additional measures?' Sensors to detect overcurrents, to detect excessive heat in the box containing contactors, and to prevent fire from spreading even if there is a fire. We're making his preparations. The manufacturer is trying to get the TÜV approval for the applications in those sensors. As soon as he gets his permission, the installation will begin.


Was the contactor system causing the Trambus to burn?

The product of the German manufacturer Vossloh Kiepe, one of the largest in Europe in the field of contactor systems used in the Trambus project. The contactor system was packaged in Germany and the first assembly on the vehicle had its own elements. The others made the elements of a Turkish firm under their supervision and under their supervision. In other words, the fire came from Germany. The Czech system for the electrical system and the Polish product were also available. However, we said 'Let's be the best quality' and we chose the German product.

How much is the total localization rate in the Trambus project?

Our Trambus vehicles are engineered in Turkish, the design is in Turkish. Power train and electric systems German. On Trambus, the locality rate is above 60. It is a pride for our country that the local production of Trambus is used in Malatya. I am happy for Turkish engineering. The safest mode of transport is airplanes, but even on airplanes there are some accidents and problems. The smear campaign, which is carried out with bets on the test drive, should now be abandoned. Trambus is efficient and a service to the benefit of this country. Malatya people also have a common sense pretending truffisiyan.

Thank you for the information you provide; Lastly, do you have anything you want to add?

The Trambus project is a true result of the vision and future vision of the Mayor of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality. There are similar examples in developed countries. Battal Gazi's hometown, on the edge of the Euphrates in Turkey's new, environmentally friendly and offer a very economical system. Trambus is the success of this country and Turkish engineering.

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