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Malatya TRAMBUS Project in Turkey in general a first: TRAMBUS project of Turkey noted that the first and exemplary projects across the Malatya Mayor Ahmet Cakir, said it would begin carrying passengers TRAMBUS as of March 11.

TRAMBUS examples of projects throughout Turkey and noted that the first project in Malatya Mayor Ahmet Cakir, said that it would start carrying passengers as of March 11 TRAMBUS.

Trambus, which has been continuing its infrastructure, production and test drives for more than two years, started transportation services with the completion of plate registration procedures. the time taken for the first time in Malatya Metropolitan of TRAMBUS implemented by the Municipality in Turkey, a ceremony was held due.

Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Çakır, General Secretary Arif Emecen, Metropolitan and District Municipal Council members, Deputy Secretary General, Department heads, Branch managers, Company General Managers, company representatives, press members and a crowded citizen community joined.

Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Çakır, who made a speech during the ceremony where the newly built Trambus Maintenance Center was also visited, said that they continue to make firsts as Malatya Metropolitan Municipality. In general TRAMBUS Project examples of Turkey and President Cakir noted that the first project, "Public transport is one of the most important parameter showing the sophistication of the city. We also carried out studies in Malatya to improve the quality and standards of public transportation. As a result of our investigations, we decided on trambus. As a result the occasion to be very careful in Turkey has become an attractive investment. We did not see any risk, as its infrastructure and feasibility study was carried out. "Trambus was an appropriate project considering the population, road structure and intersections of our city."

11 Indicating that the trambus will begin to carry passengers as of March, President Çakır said that the official opening will take place in the future.


Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Çakır also clarified why they chose the trambus system. Stating that Malatya is a developing and growing modern province, Çakır said, “We had to make an important and ideal investment in public transportation. We chose the trambus, which is a comfortable and reliable transportation system that is suitable for our budget and can be used by the disabled ”.

At the moment, the 38 km-long line that has been laid, indicating that this distance, 9 main transformer line, 53 stall, 79 km copper wire with the voltage of a thousand 523 catenary pole planted directly, he said.

Cakir, emphasizing that the cars will be a priority in traffic, the trambus near the intersection and traffic lights, the signalization will turn green, and so the system will work without pause, he said. Cakir, also created a control and monitoring center, trambüs in with the stops will be followed continuously.

Noting that the Trambus system is an environmentally friendly investment, Çakır said, “It is an environmentally friendly investment that does not emit carbon monoxide to the environment. Another feature is a very advantageous investment. An investment that can pay for itself within 7-8 years. Because it provides 75 percent energy savings. Compared to the diesel vehicles we use now, it consumes 75 percent less fuel. In terms of reliability, stopping-takeoffs are more secure, its climbing power has a stronger traction and climbing power compared to all public transportation vehicles. I believe that many cities no longer will pass after TRAMBUS practices in Turkey. “It gives us a special happiness that we are doing the first of these”.


Mayor Ahmet Çakır stated that the infrastructure of Trambus could be transformed into a rail system and said: ece This system can turn into a rail system at any time. All systems, including the current transformer and catenary poles, are suitable for light rail systems. You can only convert it to light rail when the rails are laid.

Another feature of our system is its ability to overtake 8-10 meters on the road. This is a great advantage, ”he said.


As of March 11 Trambü you will start transporting passengers and 15 saves on Sunday, March will be moved free of the passengers, including Cakir, wished to be beneficial to you trambü Malatya and Turkey. Çakır also thanked everyone who contributed. After the ceremony, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır made a short journey by tram with his attendants and press members.

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