Lütfi Elvan gave a date for Burdur YHT

Lütfi Elvan gave a date for Burdur YHT: Former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ak Party Antalya Deputy Candidate Lütfi Elvan said, "We do not wait until 2023, we will start in 2016." said.

The Candidate Presentation Meeting, organized by the AK Party Burdur Provincial Directorate, was held with the participation of Lütfi Elvan, former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, and candidate for AK Party Antalya MP. Lütfi Elvan, who attended the Ak Party Burdur Candidate Promotion Meeting held in Burdur Hüsnü Bayer Indoor Sports Hall, distributed carnations with his wife and greeted the party members.

Pointing out the High Speed ​​Train Project, Lütfi Elvan criticized the election statement of the Republican People's Party and said that it was not the CHP's project. Lütfi Elvan said: “Do we want high speed train? No, let me see those who want high-speed trains, no one does, but we do not distribute money like the opposition. Behold, they announced their election manifesto or, not one project, their projects do you say this country was stabilizing as the AK Party, since the AK Party was to stabilize the economy this ülkeyi..türkiye going well, at least the following coins trash the in, they want to gather citizens to vote , such brothers, they do not have projects..no .. do you have high speed train projects ?, do you want high speed train? What we said, we said we will bring high speed train to Burdur until 2023, isn't it, now hold tight ... We are starting the construction of Eskişehir, Afyon, Isparta, Burdur and Antalya High Speed ​​Train in 2016, 2016 ..

We do not wait until 2023, we start its construction in 2016, comfortable travel suits you. It's not over .. what are we saying? We say we have done more in 80 years than in 12 years. Can the opposition answer this? What does the opposition say, do they have answers ... even Kılıçdaroğlu has a confession. What does Kılıçdaroğlu say, in the 12-year period, he states that we have used more than 50-odd government resources .. yes .. we are such a government… we are proud of it. We invest in this country, provide employment, jobs and food .. see… we have provided nearly 5 million employment in the last 6 and a half 6 years. We are one of the most successful countries in Europe in creating jobs and I hope this process will continue with your strength and support. Sir, we love our country, our nation. Here is the love of homeland, the love of the nation is measured by the work done, my friends..işle .. there is no nationalism in such words. You may think that I am a nationalist, what did you do for this country? I will ask you, what did I do, do you hit a nail_ nationalism is about producing work, producing food, investing, but we will embrace everyone in Burdur no matter which party they are from. We will call our room. You represent a thousand-year-old tradition, you carry that thousand-year-old tradition, we will invite them to your partner, come, my brothers and sisters, if you love this country, if you are in favor of serving this country, come join us and join us. This is what we should do, and this is what suits us. Hopefully by 2023, we will connect Burdur to Antalya, Burdur to İzmir, Burdur to Afyon by highway, by highway .. "

Making the opening speech of the Candidate Promotion Meeting, AK Party Provincial Chairman Ömer Tümer sent three deputies to Burdur. kazanHe emphasized that they will work day and night to get rid of it. AK Party Burdur Deputy and Clerk Member of the Parliamentary Presidency Council Bayram Özçelik gave information to Lütfi Elvan about the High Speed ​​Train and the divided roads whose tenders were completed in Burdur and stated that they wanted to benefit from the investments. In the program, AK Party 3rd Rank Deputy Candidate Kamil Özcan, AK Party 2nd Rank Deputy Candidate İbrahim Ekici and AK Party 1st Rank Deputy Candidate Reşat Petek addressed their party members and introduced themselves.

Lütfi Elvan, former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, candidate for AK Party Antalya MP, addressing Burdur Party members after the Folk Dance Show: “What are we saying; In 3, the target is 2023..I am candidate for Antalya's deputy, but as a child of the Taurus, I am also a Burdur deputy, I will serve Burdur too. But 3 out of 3, are we ready for the target 2023? .. to three .. we expect three thirds from you. For Burdur Turkey, Burdur, expect 3 3 For this is our nation, and I believe that, teşkilatımızın our, our women's branches, youth branches of our night working day, you believe that by the end it will make three thirds. We will continue to serve you. Do not worry, we will continue to serve in the upcoming period as we have served until today ”.

Describing the old state of the Antalya-Burdur Highway, Lütfi Elvan pointed to Çubuk Beli and Çeltikçi Beli and stated that citizens will now pass through Çubuk Tunnel and Çeltikçi Tunnel. Former Minister Lütfi Elvan: “We divided the roads, we brought people together, we brought together cities, what were those roads, remember, when we came to Burdur from Antalya with our provincial president, we saw that old road ... a road of approximately 6 meters, two vehicles are almost side by side. We have rescued you from those roads, the roads that he could not enter, we have now connected Burdur as a divided road with our other provinces, but we are not satisfied with these, there is still a lot of work ahead, we are on duty. What do we say, our first half is over, the second half starts, you remember that Çubuk Waist, you remember Çeltikçi Waist, we will connect you with Antalya, you will no longer pass Çubuk Waist, you will pass through Çubuk Tunnel and again you will not pass through Çeltikçi Waist, You will pass through the Çeltikçi Tunnel. We have another request and desire from you. Especially Bayram Bey, our deputy is a very hard-working friend who follows his job well. One way is our friend. The road that runs from Karamanlı to Fethiye Road said that let's connect Burdur to Fethiye with a divided road and we started the work. "We went to the tender, we are starting the construction, good luck," he said.

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